About this Blog

Why did I start with this blog?

Since the first time I saw a blog I was fascinated about it. Many Blogger became my Idols and I wanted to be like them. Moreover I just love being creative - drawing, making photos, decorating, DIY's, photo editing, writing (I always wrote novels when I was a kid, unfortunately they're all deleted ;^;), doing makeup and dressing up - and I can combine all of these hobbies into one big creative outlet of mine. Is there a better wombo combo than this?

What is this blog about?

I think most of the entries will be reviews of things I bought, got sponsored or will buy in the future. I love seeing and having new stuff - who doesn't? - and sharing my honest opinion about it. Moreover there'll be makeup tutorials, DIY's of cute stuff and my random thoughts on "deeper" topics like egoism, kindness or the human mind (with references from my social studies) - but this topic won't be posted here often. All in all, this blog will be full of a cute and girly lifestyle and if you're into this kind of stuff, I hope you will enjoy it here as much as I do. c:

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