December 9, 2016

PeileeShop Lookbook ♥ Lolita Lace Cardigan ♥ Baby Princess Shirt ♥ Peilee 1 Year Anniversary

Hey cutiepies!

This is literally just a massive, photo heavy and long blog post from my recent haul from Peiliee!
They host giveaways really really frequent (just check out their Instagram @peilieeshop for the current ones!) and I was lucky enough to get the 1st price in their drawing contest! Yay! You can see my entry > here < if you're interested. As the price, Peiliee sent me the sweater I drew and a bunch of other stuff so I can show it to you!

Oh, and I have my own section in their shop now, muahaha... It's called Sugar.mew (like my Instagram name!) and you can find it >here<
My discount code "Sugarmew" gives you 10% off everything, but with the discount code "LoveSugarmew" you get 15% off everything I've ever reviewed. My previous reviews from Peiliee can be found >here< and >here<

Are you ready for a bunch of pictures? Okay, let's go!

Lolita Babe Peach Flavored Short Cardigan

Original Price: $35
Use "LoveSugarmew" for 15% off, so only $29.75 after the code.

Colors: Peach Pink

Gothic Babe Cross Sweater

Price: $30
After using "LoveSugarmew" (15% off): $25.50!

Colors: Grey, Pink

Vintage Ballet Lady Pearl Sweater

Price: $35
"LoveSugarmew" aaaand boom, only $29.75!

Colors: White, currently a pre-order!

Little remark: This is probably my most worn item so far! It fits on everything: cute skirts, vintage outfits, simple black jeans. I love how versatile this sweater is for both kawaii and "regular" outfits, without being boring!

Kiss me Goodnight my Baby Angel Top

Price: $30
After discount code "LoveSugarmew": $25.50!


Peiliee One Year Anniversay Shirt

A little special ♥ Peiliee recently celebrated the One Year anniversary of their shop! Super, duper proud of them because it's one of my favorite shops of all time, with so many different clothes and styles. Also, the owner Peiliee is an ABSOLUTE sweetheart. I just wish her all the best for her and her shop ♥

This was a little special, I couldn't find the shirt in the shop... If you're interested in it, I'd recommend searching on their Instagram side for info, or even better sending them a DM or an email.

The backside!

Okay dokey, this was it! I think all of these pieces are just absolutely adorable ;;__;; How do you like these outfits? Can you see yourself wearing them?
Also I hope your PC performance wasn't too bad when visiting my website, I'm not sure if I declustered my website well enough that there's no lag when I post a lot of pictures. Enough of that tech talk though.

I wish you a wonderful day! 

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disclaimer: The package was sponsored by Peiliee, all the opinions are honest and my own though. I don't own any of the pixels except my watermark.Have a great day ♥


  1. I;ve heard of peileeshop and all their items are super cute!
    Jessie @ Bijou-Heart

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