October 31, 2016

Uniqso Review ♥ Sweety Nudy Ice Blue ♥ Circle Lenses on light blue eyes

Hey cuties!

First off: Happy Halloween to anyone who celebrates it! Here in Germany it's not really celebrated, in fact I've never ever had a celebration for it myself... but I'm looking forward to celebrate it for the first time next year, when I am living in the USA!
Enough blab, I have another circle lens review for you, this time for a pair I have in green and now in blue! I really like the Sweety Nudy Ice series since they are so comfortable and look so cute, so I wanted to make a review for the blue pair as well. If you want to see the review for the Ice Green ones, you can click here

Short summary: What are Circle Lenses?

Circle Lenses are like usual contact lenses, just that their diameter is larger than the regular ones. Soft contact lenses are around 13,8 mm in diameter - Circle Lenses (which are btw always soft so they can contain more water) are often 14 mm, 15 mm or more. This makes your eyes look bigger and dollier. You can also play around with different designs and colours, so you have a great variety for makeup looks or cosplay characters. I personally wear them to enlarge my eyes because I think it looks cuter with the bold makeup I wear daily. Furthermore, they often have prescription, so if you're just as blind as me, you don't have to wear glasses, and they last about a year. 


About Uniqso 

Uniqso has a reeeally huge range of circle lenses, wigs, lashes, socks and cosplay items. They are founded in Malaysia and guide their shop since 2011. With over 800 different lenses from different brands like Kimchi, EOS, I.Fairy or Beuberry they are a big company with a lot of featured bloggers. I think they have really cheap prices and I heard that their wigs have a good quality as well. Moreover, their packaging is adorable, which is perfect for me since I love cute packagings so much. I buy my Circle Lenses from Uniqso since 2012 now and I can honestly say that they never let me down.

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Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 40%
Replacement Period: 12 months
Prescription: 0.00 to -7.00

Review and Rating

Color and Design:
Okay, so I think the lenses blend really well with my real eye color. I don't know how the color would look on dark eyes though... it does look quite vibrant with my light eyes, but I could imagine they wouldn't be as vibrant on darker colors. The black outer ring gives the lenses a fairly nice enlargement though - not too  big nor too tiny, just the right amount. They're something in between natural daily lenses and lenses for special makeup looks, I think you can wear them for both occassions! I'll give them a 7/10 ♥

These lenses are super, duper comfy! The Sweety Nudy Ice Green lenses (you can find my previous review here) were the comfiest lenses I've ever had in my life, and these seemed to be just as good! Sometimes the comfortability of lenses differs, even if they're from the same brand, series or color. Sometimes you get a pair which is extremely comfy, sometimes you get a pair which isn't. The lenses have a water content of 40%, which is right in the middle, and makes them generally more comfy! As I didn't notice them in my eyes at all for the 8 hours I wore them (on multiple days), I give them a 10/10 ♥

$20.90 - the price of circle lenses usually range from $16 to $23 - so these lenses here are right in the middle! If you think that they'll last you for about a year with unlimited uses, I think they're pretty cheap overall! 

Uniqso and Shipping:
The shipping was $15 with DHL Express and it arrived within 1-2 weeks, but you can also choose a cheaper shipping. The rates are different from country to country I believe (I think the cheapest to Germany is for $7?!), and it takes about 2-4 weeks. About the Uniqso customer service, they're always awesome and I've literally never had any problems or concerns with them. I'm always happy to support a company which is really friendly and responds quickly! 

Overall: 8/10 ♥

Remember to use "sugarmew" for 10% off your entire order!

So, how did you like my tiny review? I hope it was informative and you like the lenses as much as I do! Uh, and I hope you have a great Halloween, like I already said before! I'm just cuddled up in a blanket right now and about to watch some The Walking Dead. At least a little bit of creepiness for the spookiest day of the year.

As always: I hope you have a great day! ♥♥♥

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disclaimer: I'm sponsored by Uniqso, all the opinions are honest and my own though. I don't own any of the pixels except my watermark.Have a great day ♥

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