October 26, 2016

Uniqso Review ♥ I-Codi No. 11 Milky Orange ♥ Circle Lenses on light blue eyes

Hey cuties!

Whey, another circle lens review for brown (/orange) lenses on greenish blue eyes. I always think they're the most interesting ones, since you can never tell how designs with a brown color will look like on light eye colors! I've never tried out brown lenses from my favorite circle lens brand and series of all times, the I-Codi Colors of the Wind, so I thought it's the time to finally try out a pair of brown ones! Oh, I already reviewed three different colors of this series: You can find the review for the Blue Sky ones here, here for the Kiwi Sherbet (light green) ones, and here for the Melon (dark green/turquoise) ones!

Short summary: What are Circle Lenses?

Circle Lenses are like usual contact lenses, just that their diameter is larger than the regular ones. Soft contact lenses are around 13,8 mm in diameter - Circle Lenses (which are btw always soft so they can contain more water) are often 14 mm, 15 mm or more. This makes your eyes look bigger and dollier. You can also play around with different designs and colours, so you have a great variety for makeup looks or cosplay characters. I personally wear them to enlarge my eyes because I think it looks cuter with the bold makeup I wear daily. Furthermore, they often have prescription, so if you're just as blind as me, you don't have to wear glasses, and they last about a year. 


About Uniqso 

Uniqso has a reeeally huge range of circle lenses, wigs, lashes, socks and cosplay items. They are founded in Malaysia and guide their shop since 2011. With over 800 different lenses from different brands like Kimchi, EOS, I.Fairy or Beuberry they are a big company with a lot of featured bloggers. I think they have really cheap prices, same goes for their wigs. Moreover, their packaging is adorable, which is perfect for me since I love cute packagings so much. I buy my Circle Lenses from Uniqso since 2012 now and I can honestly say that they never let me down.

Remember to use "sugarmew" for 10% off your entire order when checking out!

Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 15mm
Replacement Period: 12 months
Water Content: 38%
Prescription: 0.00 to -8.50

What you'll get if you order a pair of lenses from uniqso: A free lens case in a random color, the lenses itself of course (usually in tiny glass bottles like here or sometimes in plastic wrappers) and a tiny little gift box everything comes in!

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Review and Rating

For comparison: You can find the review for the Blue Sky ones of the same I-Codi series here! Click here for the Kiwi Sherbet (light green) lens review, and here for the Melon (dark green/turquoise) lens  review! The Colors Of The Wind series really has a huge range of colors.

Color and Design:
As for the entire series of the Colors Of The Wind, I really love the design. However, I think it doesn't really work too well with this color, the brown is rather plain looking here. I think the color looked better with the green and the blue ones! I think it blends quite nicely into my light eyes though, so it definitely earns some points back through that. The enlargement of the lenses is huge with 15mm, and I think they give a really huge and dolly eyes effect, even if they don't have a black outer ring (A black outer ring gives this huge eye effect most of the time for those of you who don't know that!). I'll give it a 7/10 ♥ - maybe because I'm just spoiled by all the other pretty colors they have lol. Oh, and what I forgot to mention: They are more of a brown rather than an orange, but I think the stock picture already suggested that.

I slowly start to believe that the entire series is quite comfortable. The first pair I got from them, the Melon Green ones, were kinda uncomfortable: I always felt like something was in my eye, which shouldn't be the case with comfortable circle lenses. However, the three pairs I got after that (including this one) were really comfortable. I wore the lenses on two days for multiple hours and didn't feel uncomfortable at all after 6 hours of wearing them. Nice! 9/10 ♥

$22.90 - more on the "more expensive" side of circle lenses, since they usually range from $16 to $23. I love this series so much though, I don't really mind. Hey, you can wear the lenses a whole year, and spending $23 for some cute looking eyes all year around is worth it in my opinion. 8/10 ♥

Uniqso and Shipping:
I took the DHL Express shipping, which is $15 and takes around 1-2 weeks usually. If you want a cheaper shipping method, you can also choose "Global Mail" - I believe the cost for that are dependant on where you live, but it's $7 for shipping to Germany for example. I'm not 100% how long it'll take since I only used this shipping method once or twice, but it should arrive in about 3 to 4 weeks. To Uniqso's customer service: They'are always really nice and reply as fast as possible. I literally never had any issues with them through all these years of ordering from them (Like I mentioned before, since 2012 - oh god, time really flies by)! 

Overall: 8/10 ♥

Remember to use "sugarmew" for 10% off your entire order when checking out!

So, how did you like this review? I really enjoy doing reviews for dark circle lenses, so a question to my light eyed readers: Do they help you too? I love brown eyes a lot so I'm always happy if I found a pair that looks good on my eyes. These are not 100% ideal and I like one or two pairs better than these ones, but I think they're fine.
My favorite brown lenses for light eyes are these two babies here:
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I hope you have a great day! ♥♥♥

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