September 14, 2016

Cutesykink Cosplay Review ♥ Shiro No Game No Life

Hey cutiepies!

Today I want to show you the pretty cosplay I got for my baby Shiro! was nice enough to sponsor it for me, so I want to show it to you in all details! The wig and the lenses are from Uniqso and you can find the review here ♥. Disclaimer: My eyes are edited in THIS post though, because I wanted them to be more red than the lenses really were!

Cutesy Kink is a shop for a lot of different japanese fashion styles based in the UK. Summarized they sell Kawaii/Harajuku fashion, Visual Kei, Gothic, Fairy Kei, casual Lolita, Cosplay as well as cute accessories for all of these styles! So a giant shop, with the cutest stuff ever. I highly recommend checking them out ♥ I already reviewed something from them, so if you want to see the previous review, click here! ♥

The package for the Shiro cosplay included: The skirt, the top with a sailor collar, a pair of black thigh highs, the mustard colored ribbon, clear bra straps and these white... things on the left. I didn't know how to include them in the cosplay, just to demonstrate how much of a beginner I am for cosplaying. xD

Review and Rating

Quality and Size:
You can tell that the cosplay is definitely made out of a really high quality material! It seems like all cotton and it's a really thick cloth which won't fall apart or tear easily. I'm super pleased with it, because I wouldn't want it to be plastic-y or thin! Like you could see in the last picture, the skirt is like a dress and you wear the top like a jacket above it. The skirt is super stretchy so it will fit various sizes - my hip circumference is over 100cm though, which is why I had to put it on head over. Other than that, the size is just perfect for my height, which is 1,67cm (5,47ft)! I'll definitely give it a 10/10 for everything ♥! Only tip: The cosplay is really warm... I wore it while we had 35°C (95 Fahrenheit) outsides and I got REALLY warm, especially with the wig.

Similarities to the character:
It is honestly a little hard to choose Shiros colors because the whole anime is just so colorful and I feel like the colors shift a lot. But overall, the colors matched quite good! I don't know if she had black thigh highs on or blue ones, but I didn't know if she had yellow or red eyes either... It's just hard to get the right colors for her to be honest. But overall I think the outfit resembles Shiros perfectly! Even though I really often wonder what the designers thought when drawing her... Blue, purple, yellow, black, white, red eyes... The combination is just wild generally. However, 10/10 ♥! 

The cosplay was 29,90€, which is a REALLY good price for the cosplay in my opinion. You get a lot of stuff - not only the skirt and top itself, but even the thigh highs, the white thingies where I still don't know what these are, and the clear bra straps! I'm definitely pleased with the price and quality comparison and give it a 10/10 ♥ too.

We handled everything over Instagram dms, which is why I can't say anything to the shipping price and handling time unfortunately! But positively: They send me the cosplay but unfortunately it got lost in the mail! It rarely ever happens, but after weeks over weeks of not receiving it they simply send me a new parcel without hesistation. This is what I call top customer service, so thank you really much for that again!! 

10/10 ♥! I didn't have a single issue!

So, how did you like my cosplay and review? Don't go harsh on me as it is my first cosplay ever, and I don't plan on doing a lot more to be honest. It was just a tiny test how much I'd like it and how I feel like doing the stuff, that lots of people pursue as their passionate hobby! I see it's not really something for me as I have had tiny troubles really getting into the character, and I was super warm and sweaty with all the makeup, costume and wig.. But for once and not doing on a regular basis, it was definitely lots of fun! *^*

Like always, feel free to ask me anything! Preferably on my Instagram (@sugar.mew) as I am the most active on there! ♥

I hope you have a great day! ♥♥♥

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