August 11, 2016

MultipalStore Review ♥ Floral Ank Rouge Dress

Hey cutiepies!

Today I am going to show you a wonderful new dress I received from the lovely MultipalStore. This time it is from the japanese brand Ank Rouge, which is a super romantic, playful and elegant brand I always loved a lot. The dress is an absolute dream, I have to spoiler that right now already, since it is perfect for casual occassions, but also dressy enough for a fancy night out!
Oh, and if you want to see my previous review I did for the shop - I reviewed a beige and brown Liz Lisa blouse - click here!

About the Shop 

MultipalStore has a wide variety of those precious japanese brands which are kinda hard to get outside of Japan. Really often you have to pay an extraordinary amount of money to a shipping service so that they'll ship you clothing and accessories from brands like Liz Lisa, Ank Rouge, Axes Femme and co. But this shop luckily sends worldwide, so no need for a shipping service! The items they have are partly brand new and partly pre-owned, which often makes them cheaper as their original price in stores are. The only thing is that they sometimes only have an one or two single item of a certain dress or blouse in stock, so you have to grab the stuff quickly if you don't want it to be sold out!

Photo credit goes to for this one!

Here is also a picture of how their pre-owned clothes are labeled. I am personally a big fan of second hand, because I hate spending lots of money and it definitely saves me a chunk! Also, there's less clothing waste to the earth. I don't have problems at all with wearing stuff someone else wore before... I know they are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, so I'm fine!

Ank Rouge Dress

Review and Rating

There's not too much to say about this dress to be honest, because I just love it so much!! The material is thick and sturdy, but still looks really nice when it's worn. I think it's a little too warm for super hot sunny days in generally hot places, but it's perfect for every other weather other than that. The bow on the back is such a cute detail, as well as the frills underneath the first layer of the skirt. It also fits me perfectly with my 1,67 cm! Unfortunately almost all the clothing from japanese brands come in one size, so there's not a lot of variety if you are really large or skinny. However, this dress is definitely meant to hold for a long time as it's not a cheap material! I'm super excited to wear it out c:

Unfortunately you can't buy it anymore on MultipalStore as there was only one in stock, but they have a lot of similar dresses, skirts and blouses! Just check out their website which I linked down below to see all the other stuff. It is quite pricey when you're just a college student or similar, but like I already said, the stuff is already cheaper than it would be if you'd buy it in store or even with a shipping service.

The lenses are the I-Codi Blue Sky by the way, the review is here!

♥ One last time: click here to go to their Shop! ♥

So cuties, how did you like my review? It was quite simple, but a lot of people don't know where to get stuff from brands like Liz Lisa and Ank Rouge from, so my past me would've been really happy about a review like this xD I personally really love the shop because it's so easy - shipping everywhere - and they have so so much cute stuff.

I hope you have a great day! ♥♥♥

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