August 7, 2016

Cutie Crew Creations ♥ Custom Phone Case Review

Hey cuties!

Today I have a brand new review for a super cute shop called Cutie Crew Creations, as the title already suggested :D They create custom phone cases for any device, and I had the chance to get one of their unique cases sponsored - thank you so much again for the opportunity!
I requested one of their super sparkly rhinestone cases, because I already had a couple of decoden whip cases and wanted something else for once. I am so so glad I chose this because, god, I just love sparkles... and I honestly don't think there can be a lot more sparkles involved!

Click here to go to their Instagram

and make sure to use the code "sugarmew" for 10% off your custom case! c:

The design is so thin that it fits in my jeans pocket, yay! So it's a lot more practical and handy than a custom decoden whip case ♥

Review and Rating 

The design is super duper cute I think! The theme is pink and lilac, which is always a cute combination, but of course you can choose your own colors when you request a custom decoden case from them yourself. Everything is coated with a coat of resin (or something like that? I never did decoden myself so I am not sure), so the stickers can't get scratches and the rhinestones can't fall off! I had the case now for about two weeks, even when I flew from the US to Germany and it had a bumpy stormy ride together with me - not a single piece is missing. THIS IS HONESTLY THE BEST. I had 3 cases so far with rhinestones, and there were always a few missing after a couple days, 2 to 10 - but not with this one. I am so happy! Some rhinestones are almost too much covered in the pink stuff, so you can almost not see them anymore, but like this they REALLY hold it's place. The sides are also covered in silver glitter drips, which gives an extra cute accent. The only negative I noticed is that there's really tiny bubbles in the resin sometimes. Honestly, I don't even see them really in real life, I just noticed them with the closeup pictures of my camera. I thought I should still mention it but this honestly doesn't take away any point for me. The heart is super glittery, but has a tiny little crack from behind, which is not so nice though. I don't think it will break, but oh well!

If you want to have a custom case yourself, just direct message them on Instagram and choose whatever you want to have - a whipped cream case, rhinestones, or things like that. You can also choose for certain pieces (I requested the Rilakkuma sticker for example!) and the color scheme. You can also customize the keychain if you want to have one of course! 

So, the summary:
Design super duper cute, quality good too! I'll give it a 8/10 ♥

Simply go to their Instagram (@cutiecrewcreations) to request a custom case yourself ♥ And you can mention "sugarmew" to get 10% off yours too!

 Click here to go to their Instagram ♥

and make sure to use the code "sugarmew" for 10% off your custom case! c:

So, how do you like the case? I really really love it and I'm always so proud to wear it out! It looks like I have a cute little toy in my hands when I carry it around with me, and DEFINITELY no one has a similar case like me, at least no one I know. Ah I just always love custom cases.

I hope you have a great day! ♥♥♥

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