August 30, 2016

Uniqso Review ♥ Tauriel Wig and I-Codi No16 Kiwi Sherbet ♥ Circle Lenses on light blue eyes

Hey sweeties!

I got another neat review for you all, from my all time favorite circle lenses shop Uniqso! ^-^
This time for a color of lenses I've never tried out before though - a super light yellowish green.The lenses reminded me of an elvish look, so I tried out the wig from Tauriel of Hobbits too!
I've always loved the elves and the entire Lord Of The Rings saga, so I was super happy to be able to try this out. I will not do a Tauriel cosplay but just her wig to create an elvish look though, keep that in mind!! <3

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Short summary: What are Circle Lenses?

Circle Lenses are like usual contact lenses, just that their diameter is larger than the regular ones. Soft contact lenses are around 13,8 mm in diameter - Circle Lenses (which are btw always soft so they can contain more water) are often 14 mm, 15 mm or more. This makes your eyes look bigger and dollier. You can also play around with different designs and colours, so you have a great variety for makeup looks or cosplay characters. I personally wear them to enlarge my eyes because I think it looks cuter with the bold makeup I wear daily. Furthermore, they often have prescription, so if you're just as blind as me, you don't have to wear glasses, and they last about a year. 

If you want to know more about circle lenses, I also have an extended and detailed guide here!

About Uniqso 

Uniqso has a reeeally huge range of circle lenses, wigs, lashes, socks and cosplay items. They are founded in Malaysia and guide their shop since 2011. With over 800 different lenses from different brands like Kimchi, EOS, I.Fairy or Beuberry they are a big company with a lot of featured bloggers. I think they have really cheap prices and I heard that their wigs have a good quality as well. Moreover, their packaging is adorable, which is perfect for me since I love cute packagings so much. I buy my Circle Lenses from Uniqso since 2012 now and I can honestly say that they never let me down.

I-Codi Colors Of The Wind No. 16 - Kiwi Sherbet

Credits go to

Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter 15mm
Durability: 12 months
Water Content: 38%
Prescription: -1.00 to -8.50

Tauriel Wig

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Review and Rating

Review for the I-Codi Kiwi Sherbet Lenses

Color and Design:
Okiis so I bet you all know already that my favorite lenses of all times are the I-Codi Colors of the Wind series lenses. They all are just too pretty for this world - and this is my 3rd pair already! (You can find the review for the Sky Blue one here, and for the Melon one here) The design and pop of colour is just amaziiiiing, I'll always give that a 10/10 ♥.

The Colors of the Wind series is rather low when it comes to how much water content they have - only 38%! But funnily, I always had a different feeling for every single lens. The melon ones were really dry, which is why I don't wear them often. The Blue Sky ones are the most comfortable ones, they're my favorite daily lenses which I wear to every occasion. Now, the Kiwi Sherbet ones are something in between, but more on the good side! They are not super duper comfortable, but you get used to them after 5 minutes and then they are comfortable to wear. I'll give it a 8/10 ♥!

$22.90 for a pair of 12 months circle lenses is on the more pricier side of circle lenses which usually range from $16 to $23, but hey, it's only $23 for colorful eyes the whole year around! 6/10 ♥

8/10 ♥

Review for the Tauriel Wig

Color and Design:
So, I really like the color! The brown is of a really lovely shade, which isn't too ashy nor too reddish. But I guess the hairline really isn't for me.. It's the first time trying out a lace front wig for me and I just have to say that I really really miss my fringe! *cries* The beautiful premade braids that are in the wig (I didn't do them, that's already done for you when you buy the wig!) start already on top of your head, not on the height of your lower head or neck, which is a little weird for me, but I can live with that. It just gives more volume on the head, which I try to rather avoid when wearing wigs to be honest! I didn't have that special glue either to glue the hairline all tight to my skin, but it still didn't slip a lot from my head - which is a plus! Let's give it a .... 6/10 ♥!

The quality of the wig is really good in my opinion! The hair didn't shed a lot at all, not even after combing it through. However, you can see the hairline is quite fake, but I guess it's not supposed to be a super natural wig, more for cosplay, so I don't care too much! Also a really important aspect, the hair isn't super shiny - which always makes a wig look super fake and cheap - but made out of a decent quality!

Also to mention, I got a free wig cap and wig brush with my order, which is super nice! I guess they have a special promotion going on at the moment, because the last time I ordered a wig from them, I didn't get any of that. Plus points, let it rain!

Originally the wig is $33.90, but you have to pay an extra $12 for the cheapest shipping method or $20 for the faster shipping method, because Uniqso ships things like wigs from another warehouse. I took Express Mail, so it would have been $53.90 already.  Furthermore, it's the first time I ordered a wig from Uniqso to Germany (the last time I ordered a wig from Uniqso was when I was living in the USA!) and I immediately had problems with customs. I had to send them the bill and had to pay the insane amount of 25€ extra, because customs are customs. I cried internally because now in the end, if I would've had to pay as a normal customer, I would've had to pay $78,90! And that's just INSANE. I'm happy I didn't have to pay the amount for the wig because I'm a promoter, but the $25 were out of my pocket. As you might know I'm saving up for my Visa to the USA and my wedding, so this money was actually more precious to me than you can imagine. In the end, I'll have to give it 2/10 ♥. If you live in a country without such strict customs, it would've been $45.90 for the cheapest - which is still a lot in my opinion - but $79.... just insane! I don't think I'll order wigs anymore until I move to the USA.

5/10 ♥

use "sugarmew" for 10% off your entire order!

So, how did you like this little review this time? Do you like the wig and the lenses? Tell me what you think, as always preferrably over my Instagram (@sugar.mew)! 

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August 16, 2016

Oh My Bow Shop Review ♥ 5 Wonderful Lace Bows

Hey cutiepies!

I have another review for you all, this time from the lovely Oh My Bow Shop! They send me a couple of bows (I honestly didn't expect so much, they're so nice!) to show you all, and I think a lot of you will honestly like them c:

Oh My Bow Shop completely concentrates on making wonderful bows. The pattern is -almost- always the same, except they have a little twist with cute colors, beautiful patterns or dainty lace. 
The prices range from $3.50 to $4.75 as far as I could see, and every single piece is handmade with lots of love.


Price: $3.50
From the current Hime collection! ♥


Price: $4.75
From the Hime collection


Price: $4.50
From the Hime collection as well


Price: $4.50
From the Hime collection (because it's just the cutest collection ever)


Price: $4.50
From the Hime Collection as well

Overall Review and Rating

Okay, so first of all: the quality of these bows are amazing! They are pretty sturdy and won't loose their shape easily, which I really like. The alligator clips (I believe they are called like that) are glued on bomb tight, so I am not afraid they'll ever fall off or anything. However, they are not the biggest, so I clipped them to only a few thin hair strands. I wore a bow for multiple hours on two days and both times they didn't slip an centimeter, which is awesome! I wasn't afraid of them falling off at all, which is always a huge plus point. Don't you know the feeling when you're super afraid that your dainty, precious accessoire will fall off and you'll never see it again? I didn't have that feeling with these bows. I think the price is more than just fair for a high quality, handmade bow with cute details like all of the lacing.
What I have to say though is that I really wish that the shop would offer different sizes! The bows are quite big, which is perfect for the hair style I did, but I also really like tiny bows which you can clip at the end or beginning of twintails. But other than this idea, I love the bows I got and plan to wear them often! 

Overall though I'd give them a 10/10 for them honestly, because the bows are just too precious. My personal favorite must be the Olivia one (the fluffy one with the pink ribbons dangling from them), because it is so perfect for winter time, and closely followed after that the Celine one (The pink opaque one with the lace) because the shade of pink is just so pretty.

What do you think? Which one is your favorite?
Feel free to tell my, preferably on my Instagram (@sugar.mew) because I am the most active on there!

 I hope you have a great day! ♥♥♥

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