July 8, 2016

Womenfashion Review ♥ Lacy Babydoll Dress ♥ Pink PomPom Cardigan

Hey cutiepies!

I already saw a couple of comments that a lot of you are happy when you know where I get my clothing from, and that I should show you some more clothing stores. So yeah, here is another one, which sells super duper cute things! *^* This time I'm going to show you some things I got from Womenfashion, which is a Storenvy Shop based in Hong Kong, shipping all over the world.

What is Storenvy though? Storenvy is a shopping platform where tiny shops can sell their products on. You just create an account for yourself, and you can shop on all the shops that use this platform! Womenfashion is one of them, and they also have a second shop on there which sells some more clothes. It's called Cute Harajuku and I can definitely recommend checking this shop out too! I got a discount code ("Sugarmew") for both, so if you plan on buying something from there, you'll definitely safe some money too c: 

♥ You can use "Sugarmew" for 10% off everything in both stores! ♥

Lacy Babydoll Dress


Review and Rating 

I think this is honestly the prettiest dress I own ;;^;; It's wonderful for every season I think, because you can easily pair it with a pair of black or cream coloured tights, fluffy fake fur boots and a long cardigan, and boom, it's perfect for autumn and winter! The dress is basically made out of two layers: one opaque bodycon dress (which is really really really short for my 1.67cm/5"5, so keep attention! It ends right below my butt) with lots of tulle attached at the bottom, and the second layer is made of translucent lace. The top straps are variable in their lengths, so you can make it higher or lower.. but to be honest, even though I only have an A cup (with the push-up bra that I wore with the dress a B), the top part was quite tight! BUT it gave me an awesome decollete, so I am happy about that xD I still recommend wearing some short leggings underneath in skin color, so the bodycon dress doesn't slip up accidentally. If I don't wear something like that, I always feel super uncomfortable, so I'd do that anyways.. but luckily the lace is a lot longer than the dress itself, so it's a little covered anyways!

Overall: 8/10 ♥

♥ Click here for the lacy babydoll dress ♥
and remember the 10% off with "sugarmew"! 

Pink PomPom Cardigan


Review and Rating

So at first I was a little sad because I expected the cardigan to be a lot longer to be honest. I love super long cardigans, and I never wear the only short one I own. But the more Outfits I tried on with it, the more I got to like it! Honestly, it looks really cute with skirts and a blouse on... I don't own a lot of blouses, but it is just so cute with the ones I own q.q So after all, I'm still pleased with the jacket and try to think of a couple outfits that I could wear with it. The arm lengths is kinda short and the arm part is really fluffy overall, which I simply fixed with rolling the sleeves up. Looks a lot cuter this way!

Overall: 7/10 ♥

♥ Click here for the pink pompom cardigan ♥
and use "sugarmew" for 10% off!

♥ You can use "Sugarmew" for 10% off everything in both stores! ♥

So, how did you like the stuff? I really really love it and plan to wear it more often from now on! I definitely feel super dolly in both pieces and can just recommend it to anyone looking for a more feminine look. Both shops have just the cutest stuff for relatively cheap, especially Womenfashion. I'm happy I got the opportunity to review their items! Tell me what you think about it on my Instagram (@sugar.mew) as always ♥

I hope you have a great day! ♥♥♥

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