July 6, 2016

Peiliee ♥ Sporty Mermaid Dress ♥ Heart Sunglasses ♥ Bow and Bell Shirt ♥ Review

Hey Hey Cutiepies!

I've got another review from Peiliee for you guys! As you've might known I model their products and show them to you, and I really got a bunch of cute stuff from them too again. If you want to see the first review I've done for them, it's on here! The last time I reviewed the Alice in Wonderland Necklace, and now I even got three items - The mermaid dress, a pair of pink and orange heart shaped sunglasses and a wonderful handmade bow and bell shirt.

Already a little exclusive spoiler for anyone who actually reads my texts on here - I'm currently even planning on hosting a giveaway together with the wonderful Peiliee! But pssh, that'll take a little more time... But be excited for that! The dress and the glasses are currently not out in the shop too, at least I didn't find them on there - so I recommend checking out Peiliees Instagram (@peilieeshop) for frequent updates on the giveaway, new products and discount codes c: BUT ... I also have an discount code for you of course. Just look a little more down and you'll find it!

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Yes yes, that means you can get 15% the shirt or the glasses or the dress and even on the Alice in Wonderland necklace ^-^

Bow and Bell Shirt


Honestly, this is my new favorite shirt for everyday occassions. It's simple, fits to jeans and to skirts (Imagine it with a cute grey gingham or checked skirt!), but it's still so beautiful. The big bow and bell is printed on the shirt, and of a really nice quality. It doesn't crack or fade so far, and I don't think it'll do that in the next months because it's not stiff at all or cheaply made. The lace with the red ribbon around it is handmade, and it's just so precious! I could wear this shirt all day, so I just love to give it a 10/10!

♥ Click here to see the bow and bell Shirt ♥

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Pink and Orange Heart Shaped Sunglasses


The funniest sunglasses I ever owned, but so cute xD I love so much that you see the world in pink when you wear them. They have an UV Filter, which protects your eyes, but unfortunately it's still more of a fashion item since your surrounding doesn't get really darker and you don't get a lot of shade. I believe they will also come in dark blue, then this issue would be solved! But you definitely look like a kawaii hippie with these glasses and I love it.

The glasses aren't out yet at Peiliee.com, and I'm not sure when they'll be out since she constantly has new releases. She'll do updates on that on her Instagram though!

♥ Remember to use "LoveSugarmew" for 15% off this item when it's out then c: ♥

Sporty Mermaid Dress



I really like the dress! It's sporty but at the same time really cute. Plus I LOVE the color! I completely fell in love with the little seahorse which is printed on the left right corner, it's details like that which make me love a piece even more. I also really like that the dress is a little longer on the back than it is at the front because it's more comfortable to wear! No worries about a booty sticking out, at least not so much. I think you can pair the dress really well with some white or pink sports shoes and a long cardigan like I wore it in the pictures. Oh, and not to forget, the quality is really nice too! It's made out of a really light material, the one that you see in sport shirts. I didn't see a single stitch which wasn't placed right ♥

Just like the sunglasses, the dress isn't available on the website yet. Check out Peiliees Instagram (@peilieeshop) for Updates or check out their shop from time to time!

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And I just wanted to show you the cute little bags everything comes in. It's all so precious, I love cute packaging!!! ;;^;;

♥ "sugarmew" for 10% off sidewide - "LoveSugarmew" for 15% all the items that I review on here! ♥

So lovelies, what do you think of it? I really love all the stuff I get from them all the time and I'm seriously so happy to be one of their models ;;^;; I just love how unique everything is and how much time and effort is put into the handmade pieces. That's why I'm always 100% behind Peiliee and her shop and just love to promote them so much. My personal favorite item is the shirt, I literally wear it multiple times a week and always feel really cute and pretty with it! What's your favorite?

I hope you have a great day! ♥♥♥

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