June 29, 2016

♥ Uniqso Review ♥ 2 Different Colored Eyes ♥ EOS Fay Blue and Green ♥ Circle Lenses on light eyes

Hey cutiepies!

How are you all feeling! I hope really good ♥ I got a new, really special review today, because it's from a new offer uniqso is featuring now. If you've ever seen a person (or a dog, like me xD) with two different colored eyes, you know: it looks simply amazing. It's definitely an eye-catcher (no pun intended)! So yeah, uniqso offers the two different colored eye trend now with their EOS Fay series. Let's get right started!

EOS Fay Blue and Green

EOS Fay Blue          EOS Fay Green

 EOS Fay Brown       EOS Fay Grey

 EOS Fay Pink           EOS Fay Violet

Base Curve: 8.8 mm
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Lifespan: 1 year
Water Content: 38%
Dioptries: 0.00 to -7.00

Review and Rating

1. The design of the lenses is really subtle but beautiful! They are meant to be more natural but still vibrant, and I think this is really the case with them. 10/10 ♥ for that!
2. However, the colors green and blue are not so super different. I chose the colors because I saw this color combination once and I absolutely loved it. But there is only a slight difference between the colors on my light greenish blue eyes, so slight, that it's almost not noticeable in real life.
3. I'd recommend: For a natural color combination, choose brown and blue/green! I think this combination will stand out more.
4. The enlargement of the eyes is not the biiiiggest. It's okay, it enlarges a little, but it's not like they give super huge dolly eyes. I'm personally a big fan of that, but I guess that's not the lenses purpose in the first place anyways. 6/10 ♥
5. They are SUPER comfortable. I didn't even notice them at all immediately after putting them in, and usually my eyes feel a little dry for a few minutes until I get used to wearing lenses. Definitely a 10/10 ♥ for that again!
6. Uniqso and Shipping: Perfect as always, I didn't have any issues. Their customer service is always friendly and responds quickly! The shipping took about 1-2 weeks, I'm not exactly sure though because the mailman accidentally delivered it to our neighbour who kept my package for 1 1/2 weeks without any notice... I'm glad he gave it to me at all though :'3 Evil neighbour. I chose DHL Express for that, which costs $15, but you can also choose DHL Global Mail which costs $5 and delivers in about 3 weeks. 

Overall: 8/10 ♥! 
Just because the lenses themselves are super beautiful, but I didn't make the right choice with the green and blue color combination and I wish it'd be brighter and more noticeable!

Okay cutiespies, how did you like the review? What do you think of the trend, having two different colored eyes? I think it's definitely something special which makes you stand out from the crowd, and I really like it! I wanted to do this style already anyways with two different colored lenses of mine. I actually have a pair of natural looking brown lenses, and might try these with the green ones. I wonder how that would look like? I mean, as long as the design is kinda similar and the diameter isn't much of a difference, it should look awesome! So, feel free to tell me your opinions on my Instagram (@sugar.mew), and you'll definitely get a reply c: Also, thank you so so much for 25k followers on there, I'm so happy!!

I hope you have a great day! ♥♥♥

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  1. OMG I adore the different colored eyes look! *_* I always thought that dogs with heterochromia looked so cool, especially huskies with one brown and one blue eye! I've always been fascinated by eye colors anyway and changing them and I think that's a big reason for why I love circle lenses so much, haha. ;w;
    These lenses look absolutely lovely and I really dig this new "trend", if it is one hehe. The colors are so beautiful and they show up well too – I really want to try this myself! ♥

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