June 28, 2016

Totemo Kawaii Shop ♥ Rilakkuma and Totoro Sweater ♥ Review

Hey sweets!

Today I got an awesome new review for you, including two of my favorite characters of all time - Rilakkuma and Totoro! 
I'm pretty sure the very most of you know who these two cuties are, but for those of you who don't - Totoro is the cuddly grey creature in the Ghibli movie "My neighbour Totoro" - I can recommend it to anyone who loves Anime or who loves watching magical children movies. Rilakkuma is the chestnut brown bear plushie from San-X, and you can literally purchase every kind of merchandise with his cuddly being on it. 
The two items were kindly sponsored to me from Totemokawaii Store, which is a recently opened and already really unique shop for sweaters, shirts, crop tops, plushies and much more. Their style is more simple, but at the same time really sweet and kawaii, so if you like this kind of fashion I can just recommend checking them out! They also hold giveaways on a regular basis, I already shared it once with you if you can remember. Just check their "giveaway" page on their website out, or follow them on Instagram (@totemokawaiishop) for frequent updates! c:

Rilakkuma Plushie

Review and Rating

There's honestly not a lot to say about this plushie, other than I'd give him a straight 10/10. He is soft, is is cute, and I fall asleep with Riku (that's his new name, oh yeah!) every single night in my arms. He has a really small butt, but other than that his body is just perfect, as from every Rilakkuma. But I think Riku is special, he's super handsome. I really love him and my other plushies love him as much as I do!! No seriously, I am too much of a plushie addict and wish I could own a hundred q.q And he makes himself perfect among my other ones, I'm so glad to have him! The size is also super comfortable to sit in my arms when I try to fall asleep, because yes, I really do fall asleep with my stuffed animals xD. He was $29.95, which is kinda expensive, but still okay for a plushie in this size.

Totoro Sweater

Review and Rating

So the sweater itself is really thin, so it's more of a spring or autumn sweater rather than a super cold freezing winter one. The material is still of a really high quality though, so nothing to worry about. The print itself is flexible, so it won't crack at all, if anything I'd be kinda afraid of it fading when you wash it really often, as the colors are not super super bright in the first place. But I actually prefer it when there's no stiff print on the sweater, because I think it always looks a little weird on the body when you wear it. So overall I'm fine with that! The lengths of the arms are of a good lengths, so they fit just like that... They sit on my wrists, which is fine for me (I am 1,67 cm tall)! I'd recommend the sweater for a size XS to M as it is quite stretchy, but I see it getting a little small on bigger sizes. Overall I really like the sweater, and Totoro and the little people are just the cutest ever q.q I already wore the sweater on simpler occasions, when I was just had a lazy walk through the park and I felt super super cute in it still! It was $20.95, and I think that's an absolutely fair price for it ^-^ I'm really happy I got it and definitely plan on wearing it more often c:

♥ Here's the link to the sweater! ♥

So, how did you like the review? Is this something you'd wear, or are you just as plushie addicted as I am? Feel free to tell me over my Instagram (@sugar.mew)!! I'm always happy about some new or old faces :3

I hope you have a great day sweethearts ♥♥♥

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  1. Adorableeeee!!
    I love cute items like this, even though I guess most ordinary peeps would find it weird that a guy is so into kawaii stuff, haha. :'D I don't care though, I've always been drawn to plushies and cute mascots. >w< Thanks for this review, I'll check out the store!

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