June 15, 2016

Shop Bitsy ♥ Lace Choker and Sticker ♥ Review

Hey sweets!

Today I'm gonna show you some cute little stuff I got from Shop Bitsy! Sometimes you just need tiny adorable stuff to be happy, even if it's just simple and cute chokers, sticker, pins,... all this makes me so happy. Little things are the greatest things c: And today this blog post is about a bunch of sweet stuff! 

About Shop Bitsy

They are a small shop running in Melbourne, Australia. So pretty much from the other side of the world for me, so awesome (Little spoiler: The shipping time was still super short). I was contacted by them via Instagram (Their IG is @shop.bitsy) and they asked me if I could review some items for them, and yessss, all of their stuff was super cute. They sell besides of chokers and pins, socks, bracelets, necklaces, and all the tiny stuff you could have to make everything you own super sweet. Moreover, if you want to request a picture being made into a pin, they also state that you can message them and maybe they'll make it for you!

Oh, and make sure to use "SUGARMEW" for 10% off your entire order! ♥♥♥

A little gift! Two of these one day tattoos - second one not on this picture because I've already used it, was too excited xD You see it on the picture above here though!

Strawberry Choker 

Price:  5 USD
Link: Click here!
I think it's absolutely adorable! The length is perfect for my neck, since you can adjust it a little it'll fit lots of sizes. It's a cute, little and simple choker, perfect for everyday outfits. I could imagine it'd look super cute with a white and pink themed summer Lolita dress!

Crochet Black Lace Choker

Price: 5 USD
Link: Click here!
This is my favorite everyday choker from all the ones I have to be honest. It's simple, but the pearl adds a lovely detail to it. I bet it would look really cute on basic tops too, maybe in black or grey, but I left all my black stuff in Germany. So I just paired it with a light pink shirt and I love it too! The only downside: I wore the choker on a hot summer day, where I had some sunscreen all over me and my neck of course. After a couple hours of walking and sweating in the 33C / 91F heat (which is quite a lot for a vampire like me), the color of the clasp stained my neck orange! ;;^;; I didn't see it myself because it's been on the back of my neck and my fiance just wiped it away with some tissue and water. This is definitely negative, I don't like my neck being stained! So I can't recommend wearing this choker on really hot days! For everything else it's perfect though :3

Puffy Flower Stickers

Price: 2 USD each
Link: Click here!
I LOVE stickers so so much. They make everything look 100% cuter I think. I was in urgent need of some new cute stickers because I use them all the time everyyyywhere. This here is my organizer (Random fact: I'm a person who needs everything perfectly organized and I love lists so much). The page is from next week to be honest, usually there's much more of a mess... But I wanted to show you how pretty the stickers are on some paper, so I made the next page just for you. The stickers hold well and they're really thick and puffy, which I love a lot! They definitely make everything a lot prettier <3

My Little Pony Pin

Price: 3 USD
Link: Click here!
I didn't expect this cutie here in the mail, and I was so incredibly happy when I opened the package and saw it. I never got into My little Pony - and I highly believe it is from it, correct me if I'm wrong - but I still love how cute and precious this one here looks. I bet it would look cute on Fairy Kei outfits or I thought if you're a fan of pins, you can decorate your bag full with it! I'm just super happy and maybe pin her to my backpack along with my plush bunny mimi and a giant lace bow.

Shipping and Shop

So their shipping was super fast! They send it immediately the next day after placing the order, and it arrived already 7 days later to the USA where I currently live. Since it was only a letter sized package, not a huge giant packaging, it arrived a lot faster too I think. 
Besides of the items they also included a super cute letter for me, so this is directly +10 points for being awesome. I just love letters and friendly shops, aw q.q To the letter they included two of these fancy self sticky tattoos, I got two butterflies! I haven't seen these in ages and I first thought they'd be regular stickers until I noticed the plastic on them... and my childhood memories were immediately reincarnated xD I dabbed one on my wrist, which is apparently not the best spot because you move your hand so much there but it looks so aesthetic, I love it. I'm sure if you have any questions or concerns, you can message them via their shop or Instagram! 

And you can use the code "SUGARMEW" for 10% your entire order! 

So, how did you like the review? It was a lot of tiny stuff packed into the review, but I really hope you liked it! I'm personally a big fan of chokers and love to wear them, especially when they're really dainty and thin. That's why I really fell in love with theirs, especially remembering that they're only 5 USD each. So I'm definitely a fan of their shop! If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to write me on my Instagram (@sugar,mew)!

I hope you have a great day sweethearts ♥♥♥

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disclaimer: I'm sponsored by Shop Bitsy,  all the opinions are honest and my own though. Besides of the watermark, no pixels are mine and from tumblr. Have a great day ♥ 

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