June 10, 2016

Multipalstore ♥ Liz Lisa Blouse ♥ Review

♥ Hey sweetiepies! ♥

Today I got a review for something else than circle lenses for once, YAY. (Everyone shouting hurray :D) Don't get me wrong, I love reviewing the lenses but it's just nice to have something else for once, right? Actually I got quite some different reviews coming up the next time!

About Mutlipalstore

Let's get to the topic. I am super happy to announce that I got an official promoter for Multipalstore. AND THEY ARE SO GOOD. Okay, so if you like cute Japanese fashion as much as I do, you already faced the problem with international shipping, shopping services and so on. If you don't know what it is - Japanese shops really often don't send internationally. You choose what you want to have then, tell it to your shopping service and they'll buy and send it to you. Unfortunately it's pretty pricey since you don't only have to pay for the items themselves, but also this third-party company and the two shipping fees. Ugh. I was always too afraid to actually get a shopping service because I don't have endless money flowing through my bank account. That's why I always searched for some alternatives. There's not a lot out there which sells my absolutely favorite brand Liz Lisa and sends it to European countries or the USA, but THERE IS, don't give up. Multipalstore is one of them, and I really really love them. They sell brand new or pre-owned japanese fashion items from brands like Liz Lisa, Ank Rouge, Swan Kiss, Axes Femme and so on worldwide. They're based in Japan and send from there, but it doesn't take a long time until it finally arrives - mostly only one to two weeks. The items they sell are 100% authentic as well, the blouse I got had the original Liz Lisa tag on it as well! 
What I especially love about the store is how nice their owner Mari is. She always replied super friendly and in a timely manner, which I always appreciate. I'm sure if you have any questions or concerns, she'll answer them quickly! Their Instagram is @multipalstore by the way.

Liz Lisa Blouse




All in all, I really love the blouse. Unfortunately everything of the brand comes in One Size, which is pretty tiny for western standards. I'm happy I fit in it, but if you're a little larger than me it could get a little short. My sizes are on my "Beauty Profile" page too by the way! What I really like is that you're able to unbutton everything so you can put the blouse on a lot easier. I always do my hair and forget that I have to put on my dressy top after that, and who else hates getting their hair destroyed by pulling everything above their head? Fortunately you can avoid this to happen with simply unbutton everything. Moreover, the bow is a little pin, so you can adjust it to where you want it to be or even steal it for some other outfits. Overall the details on the entire blouse are just amazing, and Liz Lisa never fails to amaze me! I'm definitely planning on getting a lot more pieces from them in the future, and building my own cute wardrobe with it. Every single piece makes you feel like a little princess
, and I aspire to become one. Woohoo!

Thank you really much for reading dollies! I hope you liked the review and maybe you now know a good shop to get some cute clothes too. What do you think of it? Did you already struggle with shopping services and feel just as happy as me that you're not forced to need one with some items? Feel free to tell me and comment on my Instagram (@sugar.mew), I'm on there literally daily.

I hope you have a great day sweethearts ♥♥♥

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