June 19, 2016

♥ Dolly Eyes Makeup Tutorial ♥

Hey Hey!

First off, I'm really sorry I don't have any full makeup pictures of this look. But this was created a couple of weeks ago and I forgot to take pictures. But however, this is still how I do my makeup sometimes! It's currently not my daily makeup routine (which apparently changes every month), but when I feel extra special and cute I do my double-layer-of-fake-lashes-makeup-look. 

What I used to create this look

First off: I use drugstore products 90% of the time. You can just use the said product that works for you fine! If I didn't use a drugstore product for once or use something of a certain brand, I'll tell you in the description of the product.

1. Circle lenses (these are the EOS Super Nudy Blue, a super old review can be found here)
2. Black eyeliner 
3. Black eye pencil
4. White eye pencil
5. Highlighter pen (I use this one, I can recommend it because it stays a long time for me)
6. Eyelash Curler
7. Mascara (I used L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara, super generic xD)
8. Brown Eyeshadow and Applicator
9. Eyelash Glue (I use Duo, you can find it here)
10. False Eyelashes (I got mine for cheap from eBay, but you could also take a look at bornprettystore.com - I actually finally found the same ones there! Take a look here to see them )


Step 1:  I started with putting in my circle lenses! It's what you should always do first. It's a lot easier before applying foundation or false lashes. Then I applied my regular foundation and did my brows. I personally don't apply primer, but if you want to then do it now!

Step 2: Apply really light brown eyeshadow over your crease and blend it out. 

Step 3: Take your favorite eyeliner and apply it normally, without a wing. I was so nervous to mess it up because I wanted to take picture of that - of course - I messed it up a little and it's not perfectly straight, but oh well xD 

Step 4: Elongate the eyeliner for about 3 mm pointing downwards/in the same angle as your eye. It gives this droopy eye effect which makes your eyes really huge! 

Step 5: Take a black khol pencil and line your upper waterline.

Step 6: Take a white eye pencil and line your lower waterline. Not too strong though, really lightly!

Step 7: Take a white highlighter pencil in the lightest shade with the most glitter! Apply it to the inner corner of your eye and directly under the waterline for about 1/2 of your eye. Explanation: Your cute eyebags will shine in two different colors! The inner part in the lightest shade possible, the outer part in dark brown. It makes a huge different, trust me!

Step 8: Apply dark brown eyeshadow (I use non glittery/matte one) and apply it under the elongated eyeliner and outer part beneath your lower waterline. Blend it well out! Don't forget to blend it to your white highlighter pen too.

Step 9: Curl your eyelashes if you like to do so, I always do it at least. Apply your favorite mascara on the upper lashes.

Step 10: Take some natural looking eyelashes, I linked some above! Cut them a little tinier, they should start almost at the end of your elongated eyeliner and end at about the center of your eye or right before that. Apply your eyelash glue in a thin layer on the band. Let it dry for about half a minute, until it gets sticky and aaalmost turns transparent. Stick it to the outer part of your eye, don't forget that the elongated eyeliner includes that too!

Step 11: Take a second pair of lashes and cut them in about half, starting at the corner of your eye and ending wherever you want to. The longer you'll leave it the thicker your eyelashes will be, because there'll be two pairs on top of each other. But it's also a bit heavier on your eyes, so it's completely up to you! I let mine end about the end of my natural eye, or right before that. Apply your eyelash glue, Let it get sticky and apply it on top of the other lashes and at the inner corner of your eye. 

Step 12: That picture was before I made the step actually: Take your eyeliner again and cover glue spots of the falsies, and/or apply a thin line on top of the eyelash band to cover everything completely up. This is necessary because as you can see in my picture, it can be quite easy to see white glue spots! (Black glue is available too, but I always make too much of a mess so I don't use it xD)

Step 13: Look fab :3 Optional: Apply mascara to your lower lashes if you feel like it! I sometimes do, I sometimes don't, I love both looks tbh.

So, how did you like this tutorial? It hope it was helpful for you and you understood everything I tried to describe xD If not, feel free to ask me via Instagram (@sugar.mew) , and I'll try to explain it again (and hopefully better) :D If you try this look out and want to post it on IG, feel also free to tag me because I'd love to see it!!

I hope you have a great day sweethearts ♥♥♥

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