May 10, 2016

♥ Zombie Unicorn Jewelry Review ♥

Hey sweeties!

Today I have an awesome review with a LOT of photos for you! This time it's from a tiny Etsy shop called Zombie Unicorn Jewelry, which sells a lot of creative, handcrafted jewelry. They're located in Poland - I always love shops that are based in Europe because I don't have to worry about custom fees when items are shipped, yay - and they currently have over 790 sales with really good reviews. The shop owner Anna was so nice to send me a bunch of her precious pieces so I can show them to you guys and I hope you're just as excited as I am c:

 +10 points for a cute packaging ♥

She included some cute Barbie stickers in the order, yay! I love stickers so much, thank you!!

Macaron Ring and Necklace


So I think these pieces are super cute, especially worn together. You can see that every piece is individually handcrafted and unique, but it doesn't have any mistakes either! I think you can really see that she puts a lot of effort into every single piece. I especially love the whipped cream on the macarons, it's so adorable. The necklace is available in the color combination (from top to bottom) mint, yellow and pink or pink, violet and blue. I really like the yellow in my color combination to be honest, it makes it look so vibrant and fresh which I like a lot. The holes of the necklace itself are so big that you can close the clasp wherever you want to, so you can adjust it to the length you really want to have. For me, I love short necklaces rather than long ones, but on the last picture you can see it in full length too! The ring is size adjustable too, so you don't have to worry if the ring fits your finger or not. I have really tiny fingers for my size, but I was able to "overbend" the part and now it fits perfectly without falling off. All in all I think both pieces are super adorable and perfect for really cute outfits, especially for Fairy Kei etc! 

Crystal Mermaid Ring 


This ring is so adorable! The heart on top is the Crystal part, and it's surrounded by small fake pearls. And everything glitters! I think the ring would look awesome on Fairy Kei outfits and maybe a cute pink and/or blue Lolita dress. Just like the macaron ring, the ring size is adjustable, so it doesn't slide off. Yay!

Gem Bottle Necklace


So, as you can see the bottle had a crack when it arrived here. I already spoke to the owner of the shop and suggested to wrap glass jewelry in bubble wrap, because it's so fragile when transported. And since the packaging was quite big and let room for the things to fall around, I'm pretty sure that's how the crack happened. When I took these photos the crack got a little deeper until the point that I am too afraid to wear it, just because it's really rough and my clothing could get caught, I could hurt myself or it will break entirely. The glass is really really thin at some point unfortunately, so it's super fragile! I'm sure Anna will find a solution to ship items like that more safely, so I don't worry too much for the next orders. Other than that, the necklace is gorgeous in my opinion. I love the light pink gems and it just looks so dainty in general.

Pastel Heart Choker


 Now to my personal favorite piece of all of these things, the choker! I just love chokers, especially when they're not too big and come with a bow. The size was perfect for me, it is adjustable at the clasp and I think it fits most of the neck sizes. The ribbon seems of a high quality too! The only thing I'd have wished for is that the bow was placed a little lower, right above the metal part that holds the heart, just to cover it up a little bit. Other than that I am completely happy!

So, I really hope you enjoyed this review! It's really picture heavy, but I like all of the pieces a lot. I'm pretty sad I can't use the gem bottle necklace anymore, but oh well! Let me know what you think of these items, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask! You'll always get a really fast reply over my Instagram (@sugar.mew), so make sure to visit me there if you want to.

I hope you have a great day!

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