May 15, 2016

Rolecosplay ♥ I.A. Pink Cosplay Wig ♥ Review Part 1

Hey cuties! 

Today I got my very first wig review! I was super excited to review the wigs I got from Yes, I got two, and I will post the second review from the other wig soon. But for now, I wanted to make a detailed review and description of this pretty wig. First I wanted to say something to my experience with cosplay!

Some of you may know that I've never really cosplayed before and I don't plan on doing it in any kind of professional way. Dressing up, doing my makeup in a fun and creative way, and being someone else sometimes too is what I enjoy. I absolutely don't look like myself in these wigs, but that's the point of it, and this is what makes dressing up and cosplaying so much fun! This here is the wig for Vocaloids I.A. (I love some of her songs so much and her hair is awesome, that's why I chose this wig), which is suuuper long, has little braids in the front, and some cute strands of hair poking out of the side. I just chose some cute clothing which suited the super anime look of the wig, since I don't have I.A.'s cosplay. So here you go, it's best if you see it for yourself!

♥ To go to, click here, and to go to the pink I.A. wig, click here! ♥

The wig has two different shades of pink. The inner strands are in a darker pink than the hair that's on the outsides. This gives it some more depths and makes it look a lot more interesting!

You can slightly see the wig cap and hair detachment on top of the wig. Especially when the hair is not all tidied up and brushed you can see it a lot easier. I personally don't mind this too much since I don't think anyone will look super close to see if my cosplay wig looks super natural or not (because they never look super natural...), but if someone minds that a lot it is not really great. 

You can adjust the size of the wig cap with these little clip things. 

Awkward photo, but it shows how long the bangs are before I cut them a little! I only cut them a tiny little bit, trying to get it close to I.A.'s hair style with her little fringe.

This picture really shows how long the wig is! It is sooooo beautiful. I love long hair, so of course I love long wigs too.

I tried out a different hairstyle here, just for fun. I didn't like it so much, but I wanted to show you another possibility for this wig too!

Review and Rating

The design is obviously really close to I.A.'s look and it's awesome! I love the little braids in the front and that there are two different colors to give a little more depth. The light pink is (of courseee) my favorite of these two colors, it's really soft and light. I'm also glad that the tiny hair strands from I.A. came already styled with this wig, because I would have a super hard time creating those... That they are already pre-made is perfect! 9/10 ♥

Shininess: Not too much that it seems cheap and fake! I'm glad about that, because if wigs are too shiny it just looks weird and super cheap. A definite negative is that it is quite easy to see the wig cap if your wig hair doesn't sit in its right place and you look on top of your head. Luckily this isn't a usual angle for someone to look at you, so I doubt anyone will see it, but I think it still has to be mentioned! So if that bothers someone, keep that in mind. The wig is 110cm long, which obviously means a lot of tangles. I think you can never avoid it with a wig in a length like that. But it is quite hard to de-tangle it again, it took me so long to remove them. Overall I think that you get a really good wig for such a cheap price though! 5/10 ♥

$15.56 - 10/10 ♥ definitely. 

They were really kind to me and replied to my emails in a good manner, so I'm happy with them!  Besides cosplay wigs their store also has fashion and lace front wigs, as well as fun costumes. I took a look at their cosplays and they seemed really nice, so if you search for yours, I'd definitely take a look at it.

Overall: 8/10 ♥

So, what do you think of my very first wig review? How do you like the wig? I hope it was fun for you to read and see the pictures! Like every time, feel free to contact me on my Instagram (@sugar.mew) if you have any questions or regards. I'm such an addict, I'm on there everyday anyways!

I hope you have a great day!

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  1. You seriously look adorable in that wig! You rock anything that's pink. x)
    Thanks for the review! I remember stumbling upon their store once!

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  2. So pretty wig and you look totally cute and lovely *-*

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