May 19, 2016

Rolecosplay ♥ Basic Black Wig ♥ Review Part 2

Hey sweethearts!

Today I'm going to show you what else I got from My first item was the super long pink I.A. wig (If you want to see this review, click here), and this wonderful basic black wig was the second one! As I've already mentioned I don't really cosplay, but I dress up for fun and just look different from my casual everyday me. What's a bigger difference than having pretty much the opposite hair color? I really wanted to see myself with black hair one time, and maaaaybe, one day in my life, cosplay Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo. To be honest I didn't even like the anime that much, but Ai fascinated me a lot with her huge red eyes and her pitch black hair. That's why I tried to cut the wig in her hairstyle ... it didn't go sooo well, but hey, I'm a dressing-up beginner and it went at least better than expected! I feel cute in my wig anyways. Here's the result:

The hair has a pretty shine! It doesn't look plastic like, just like really soft and super healthy hair for me.

Big plus point: You don't see the wig cap through the hair! Other than in my pink I.A. wig which let the wig cap shine a little bit through,  you don't see it at all here. I think it's maybe because of the dark hair that covers really well.

Awkward photo to show you how long the bangs were before I cut them.

Here's the result! I attempted this slight Hime cut.

The hair is pretty long! Yay, I love long hair. I really wish my real hair would be like that q.q

Review and Rating

The design is really simple, I consider this wig absolute basic and standard. This doesn't mean anything bad at all, actually quite more of the opposite: You can do pretty much everything you want to do with it! As long as you want to have bangs or your cosplay character has bangs, you can style it the way you want to and that's it. There's nothing much more to say other than that actually! I don't see why I shouldn't give it a 10/10 ♥.

I really like the quality of this wig. It doesn't tangle too easily and you can comb through the hair smoothly. At least I didn't have any problems at all. I tried to make the wig look a little more natural with creating more of a bed head rather than perfectly combed hair, so after wearing I just brushed the wig and it looked like before. While brushing not too many hairs fell off too, I think losing just a few hairs are normal, nothing too bad. Moreover you don't see the wig cap through the hairline, which is always a good sign! I maybe wished for a few more hair strands in general, but for a wig as cheap, the quality is awesome in my opinion! 8/10 ♥

$12.80 - 10/10 ♥ again!

They were really friendly and replied within the same day or within the next 2 days to me, so I'm happy with that. Their store also has cosplay costumes, regular costumes and fashion wigs, so if you are looking for something not too expensive, I'd definitely check them out! I can really recommend their wigs because they're so cheap but have a decent quality for that. Oh, and I didn't have any problems with German customs by the way! This is very rare but it made me so happy because German customs are really strict and I always have to pay an extra 10 or 20 Euro. Not with this package though, yay!

Overall: 9/10 ♥

So cutiepies, what do you think of the black wig? As always, feel free to let me know! You'll always get the fastest reply when you talk to me through my Instagram (@sugar.mew) because I am on there daily. 

I hope you have a great day!

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  1. The hime cut fits you soooooo well! You do look great in a black wig anyway, it does a nice contrast. :) Thanks for reviewing and I hope this wig doesn't tangle a lot!

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  2. Different types of wigs are available for different purposes. Select the one that you consider suitable and that goes well with your personality. Purple lace front wig

  3. Dark wig fit you so well :D