April 27, 2016

Uniqso Review ♥ Geo Berry Cessy Blue ♥ Circle Lenses on light blue eyes

Hey cutiepies!

Today I have a review for some super super super natural circle lenses for you. Since my eyes are so bad and I always need glasses or contact lenses to see something at all (having -3.00 on both sides is so nice), I thought it would be nice to have lenses that I can wear without needing tons of makeup! I personally think that huge circle lenses look super alien-like when I only have my bare face or super natural makeup on. That's why I searched for the most natural pair that I saw, preferable in blue because my natural eye color is the same. Apparently, the GEO Berry Cessy blue seemed perfect for that. Oh, and I don't like wearing my glasses outside the house, that's not even an option xD.

Short summary: What are Circle Lenses?

Circle Lenses are like usual contact lenses, just that their diameter is larger than the regular ones. Soft contact lenses are around 13,8 mm in diameter - Circle Lenses (which are btw always soft so they can contain more water) are often 14 mm, 15 mm or more. This makes your eyes look bigger and dollier. You can also play around with different designs and colours, so you have a great variety for makeup looks or cosplay characters. I personally wear them to enlarge my eyes because I think it looks cuter with the bold makeup I wear daily. Furthermore, they often have prescription, so if you're just as blind as me, you don't have to wear glasses, and they last about a year. 

About Uniqso 

Uniqso has a reeeally huge range of circle lenses, wigs, lashes, socks and cosplay items. They are founded in Malaysia and guide their shop since 2011. With over 800 different lenses from different brands like Kimchi, EOS, I.Fairy or Beuberry they are a big company with a lot of featured bloggers. I think they have really cheap prices and I heard that their wigs have a good quality as well. Moreover, their packaging is adorable, which is perfect for me since I love cute packagings so much. I buy my Circle Lenses from Uniqso since 2012 now and I can honestly say that they never let me down.

 GEO Berry Cessy Blue

Brown         Green

Grey         Violet

Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14.2mm
Durability: 12 months
Prescription: 0.00 to -10.00
Water Content: 38%

That's everything that is included in your packaging! The two bottles with your lenses, a free lens case in a random color (I'm always so happy when I get pink, yay!!) and a cute little packaging where the bottles lay in. Bubble wrap is also included. Who doesn't love bubble wrap?

GEO authenticity check included! You can check that these are real GEO circle lenses.

Review and Rating

Design and Color:
The design is really simple and super natural. No bold outer ring, just the blue getting a little darker on the outer part. On the inside are tiny yellow sparks, which complement the green in my eyes quite well and blend everything nicely. The diameter is with 14.2 mm quite tiny too (Most of my circle lenses have a diameter of 15.00 mm!), which makes them even more natural of course. I looove unnatural and bold lenses with a huge dolly eye effect, but I didn't go for it this time.. So they fulfilled my needs for daily, natural circle lenses! But these lenses should still be special in some kind of way... and I think GEO achieved it with this pretty color! My eyes look pretty and naturally blue, I don't think anyone would wonder if I wear contacts. So a plain 10/10 ♥.

These lenses are luckily super comfortable. It would be super lame if you'd buy them to wear the lenses on a daily basis, but then they would be uncomfortable as heck, wouldn't it? So I'm glad my eyes don't get icky or dry when I wear them after a long day. Nothing to complain, so I don't know why they shouldn't get 10/10 ♥.

$19.90 - usual price for lenses. Nothing special since the usual price of circle lenses ranges from $20 to $25. I'd give it a 10 if it would be a sale of special offer, so it gets 8/10 ♥ from me now!

Uniqso & Shipping:
I chose DHL Express for $15 and it is incredibly fast. You receive your lenses in usually 1 or 2 weeks! Please note that items other than circle lenses from uniqso (like wigs, kigurumis and such) are shipped from another warehouse, so this only applies to their lenses. However, there's also a cheaper shipping option called DHL Global Mail for $4.99, but they take around 2-4 weeks I think. To Uniqso, I really like their customer service and never had any issues with them. They were always ultra friendly and I'm sure if you have any questions or concerns, you can always write them! 10/10 ♥

Overall: 10/10 ♥

Here one example in natural light!

The three examples above are in indoor natural light. The lenses seem a little darker but still natural in my opinion.

♥ Use "sugarmew" for 10% off your order at uniqso ♥

So, I really hope you enjoyed this review again!! If you have any questions or concerns regarding this review, always feel free to contact me! You'll get the fastest reply through my Instagram though because I'm on there daily. 

I hope you enjoy your day ♥

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April 26, 2016

Devilinspired Review ♥ Hana Pink Sweet Lolita Dress ♥

Hey Lovelies!

It's finalle the time to review this awesome dress I got kindly sponsored from Devilinspired. 
Devilinspired is a store based in China for Lolita, Gothic and Victorian fashion. I especially loved their Lolita products, but since I don't wear Lolita fashion (or not outsides) I chose a more casual, sweet Lolita look. Their prices are absolutely reasonable, because for those of you who looked into this kind of fashion type knows, that it can be super expensive. So I'm happy with that!

And that's what I chose: This beautiful pink tea party babydoll dress! The white shirt and the bow is sewn onto the dress, so it's just one piece by the way. It also has two layers on the bottom, so you don't have to worry about it moving up so much or the dress being see through. Moreover, on the back is a zipper so you can put it on without any issues.

Review and Rating

To be honest, I'm not completely satisfied with the design of the dress. The colors are really pretty (Well, you all might know that I love pink by far too much) and I love the patterns and the tea party theme, but the dress is really large and not favorable for feminine body shapes. I feel quite chubby in this dress. Of course babydolls are always like that, but I feel like this is a little too extreme. But, to be honest here too, I was convinced size 0 wouldn't fit me, that's why I chose 1. Zero would have been fine I guess! Well, if you like babydolls (especially in Lolita styles they are sooo cute) a lot, you might like this dress. But for my large hips and booty, this dress may not look the best. 4/10 ♥ 

So, the quality is perfect! I have nothing to complain. The material is super nice, soft and it seems like it will last a super long time. 10/10 ♥

$43.99 is okay for this kind of a casual sweet Lolita dress. The details are super cute and you can wear it on a daily basis if you don't want to dress up in e.g. Lolita style for everyday occassions. So these $44 are worth it in my opinion, if you are looking for a dress like this! 8/10 ♥

First off, I really like their website. It's easy to use, really clear and their stock pictures are nice. There's also Customer feedback with pictures from Instagrammers on the bottom of their page, which is really cool I think! To their customer service, they were really nice and replied as fast as possible. I'm completely happy and can only recommend them! 10/10 ♥

Unfortunately the package got stuck in customs *sigh sigh*, but German customs are reaaaaally strict. So, that's just how -German- life is when you get packages from foreign countries. But the delivery was really quick besides of that, since they used DHL Express. It didn't take long to arrive here then, only one week! So that's nice.. uhh let's see, I'll give it a 8/10 ♥!

Overall: 7/10 ♥ 

So lovelies, I really hope you enjoyed this post! I know a lot of you already asked me questions about this dressed when I started to post about it on my Instagram, and I hope this clears all of them now ^-^ Tell me what you think about it, or if you have any further questions. You'll get the fastest reply as always via my Instagram (@sugar.mew) since I am on there daily.

I really hope you have a nice day!

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April 14, 2016

Buuuu.Fashion Review ♥ Pink Fuzzy Heart and Bunny Sweater ♥

Hey sweethearts!

Today I got an awesome new review for you all. This time it is for a super adorable shop called Buuuu Fashion (with four u's, yep!). It's a Storenvy store which sells unique and absolutely lovely sweaters. For anyone who doesn't know what Storenvy is - it is kinda like eBay, a platform where more or less small indie shops can sell their products. I purchased items from different sellers multiple times, and I've never had any problems. However, Buuuu Fashion was so kind to sponsor me these two adorable sweaters from their spring collection and here are the pictures: 

I always appreciate a cute logo! And the bubble is such an wonderful idea, so I'm happy. On the backside of the tag is the washing information, and it says:

"How to wash?
Hand wash cold
Wash with like colours
Remove immediately
Do not use softeners/bleach
Do not tumble dry
Low iron
Iron on reverse side
Do not dry clean"

Okii dokiis, good to know! The housewaifus and husbandos of you will like this information at least xD


Hairy Rabbit Sweatshirt


Size: Freesize
Price: $39.99
Measurements: Length: 60cm, Bust width: 114cm, Sleeve length: 51cm


THIS. IS. JUST. SO. ADORABLE. No seriously, I love this sweater. You really can't believe how soft and fluffy the bunny (and the heart, too!) is, until you touched and felt it on your own. Everytime I wore this sweater I just had to pat my tummy because it was just so fluffy and cute and warm. The rabbit part is a little bit sturdier than the sweater itself, so it doesn't bend and you can always see the bunny perfectly fine! I personally love this a lot because I really don't like when you can't the print really well. The sweater has the perfect length on me in my opinion (I am 1.67m / 5'48" tall), and it is slightly oversized on me. Which is good, sweaters shouldn't sit really tight in my opinion! So I'm happy freesize fits me really well. Now to the quality of the product: It is simply top! But to be honest, $40 isn't really cheap, so I expected some nice quality too. And it really didn't let me down, the price is worth for what you get in my opinion. The fur doesn't shed and I didn't find any single stitch that was misplaced. I think the sweaters will last me for a long time ♥

 Hairy Heart Sweatshirt


Size: Freesize
Price: $39.99
Measurements: Length: 60cm, Bust width: 113cm, Sleeve Length: 44cm


This is the ultimative fluffiness, I love how much fluffy fluff fur they used for this design. The sleeves have a whole different design from the bunny sweater though, which makes them super oversized and kinda like batwing sleeves. I personally don't like these not sooo much, but they're okay! I think this really just depends on personal preference, because you can create some super cool looks with them. But to fit my style more, I simply pulled the sleeves up and that's it :> But you can see the whole process in the following pictures anyways! But other than that, everything is the same as with the bunny sweater. The color is super sweet, the quality is genuinely fantastic and aahhh I just can't mention enough how soft and fluffy the fur is... *drifts into a dream world*

Okay sweeties, I really hope you enjoyed this review as much as I did! I didn't do any review for such kawaii fashion in such a long time, it was a lot of fun to do it again. And the stuff just looks so super cute, I really love it >v< What do you think? If you have questions or any concerns, you can always leave me a question! Fastest replies are via my Instagram (@sugar.mew) though, since I am on there daily. 
I hope you have a wonderful day!

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disclaimer: I'm sponsored by Buuuu Fashion, all the opinions are honest and my own though. I don't own any of the pixels except my watermark.Have a great day ♥