February 18, 2016

Little Lycan Review: Fluffy Realistic Kitty Ears and Tail ♥ Custom Kitten Gear

Hey sweetiepies!

After I finished and passed all of my exams in university, I decided that it's finally time to treat myself to something cute again. Really cute. Really really cute. And what's cuter than some cute kitten gear? I searched for the perfect shop for a long time, since I prefer realistic but still cute looking cat ears. There are many shops out there, but they are too pricey, don't take customs for a long time or too cartooney. A cutiepie on Instagram recommended me Little Lycan then, since they were just about to open their shop. I have been lucky enough to grab a custom tail and pair of ears when they just opened on 1st February 2016!

About the shop - Little Lycan

Little Lycan sells handcrafted tails and ears - not only for kittens, but also puppys, wolfs or bunnys (and I'm sure there's much more to come). And extra special, not only made of regular fur but also needle felted crafts can be bought! Oh, and cute ears on hats, berrets and caps. The whole shop is run by one super dedicated and hardworking girl alone, so I'm happy I was able to grab a custom order, as the slots are taken pretty quickly. But from what I've heared through Little Lycans Instagram there will also be a couple of releases that will be coming up. So if you're interested in buying something from the shop, I'd recommend to follow her Instagram, not only for updates, but also because she is currently hosting a giveaway where you can win your own custom set. Why not hoping to have a little luck once in a while?

Review Photos

Review and Rating

What was requested? + Price!
I requested the standart sized fluffy kitten ears from her. Fur in white, inner part in baby pink, really simple. The only "extra" I requested was that the top part should be a little shorter than the lower extra floof part. They were only $27! For the tail, I requested an 18" (45cm) long tail in her wolf style, since my favorite cat breeds are super duper fluffy ones, like persian chinchilla cats. I chose the ribbon attachement so I can wrap it around my hips, knot a cute bow in And it was only $15.
She gifted me the four detachable bows since I bought a complete set, she even went to shopping only to get me some golden jingle bells. (I love jingle bells by far too much, my love for them became stronger since I wear them all the time). On top of that she included the cute little socks that I showed before! Fluffy, cute, white, and free size - they are perfect.

The shipping was $13 for me from the US to Germany, but it will be $22 dollars in the future due to adjusted cost calculations. I got it in a bubble wrapped envelope and it arrived safely without any damages, but if you want to be really safe, you have the option to get your stuff shipped in a box. It took two weeks to arrive here, and an extra big plus point: No problems with customs at all. Yay!

The processing time was super short by the way. It didn't even take a week since mine was one of the first order she sent out. The processing time in the future should be around one or two weeks I think, which is incredibly fast. A lot of kitten gear shops have their processing time within a couple of weeks, so I'm really happy she puts all of this effort in it to keep it so short. 

I really love how realistic her ears and tails are. The kitten ears are attached to a black, really slim metal headband, which doesn't hurt on my head at all! I get a headache pretty easily when I wear heavy headbands or when they are too tight around my head, but this is perfect. Even after a whole day of wearing them (yes, I run around in the house like this), I didn't have any issues. You can freely move your ears up and down the headband, depending on where you want them to sit on your head.
What's also kinda important to mention: When your ears will be shipped, you have to fold and fluff them a little yourself, as they have to be flat to get shipped and not damaged! That is pretty easy though, just bend them in the direction they should be, and everything is fine. I think Lycan has a picture where she shows what's best to do on her Instagram anyways.

The wolf tail is SUPER fluffy and pretty stuffed. That means you can't really bend it, and since it is not wired at all, it wouldn't stay in a position like this anyways. I just wrapped the ribbon around my hips and made a bow at the front, and it stayed perfectly like this. You don't notice it under skirts or dresses at all - or at least when they are not super tight. I had to bind the tail pretty low so I don't have a bump showing where the tail starts under my skirt. Attached like this, the 18" (45cm) tail ends a bit under my knees, and I am 5"4 tall (1.67m). 

I'm super happy with the quality! She really puts so much effort to her products, I can only repeat this! The fur doesn't shed and is really soft and fluffy, the set will last a loooong time I believe. The ends of the ribbons weren't sewn, so I just cut down loose strings , but that's the only little issue. But really,everything is in a really lovely quality I can greatly recommend. 

All in all: Completely happy! ♥

Okay cuties, I really hope you enjoyed this review! Once in a long time something else for once :D When you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave me a message - the fastest would definitely be through my Instagram (@sugar.mew)! Thank you really much for reading or looking at my pictures. You're the best!

I hope you have a lovely day ♥

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Disclaimer: The pixels I used are not mine. I'm not sponsored by Little Lycan, however, the opinions are all my own - as always ♥


  1. Thanks for the review! Really interesting and cute products!
    I might buy a set someday (probably the wolf one) when I have the cash to spend and the custom orders are open again. I love fluffy animal ears and tails heheh ~

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  2. Thank you so much for your review *O* I originally saw your photos on your IG and I'm also waiting for my pair <3 I absolutely adore the cute little bows with bells on it that Rei included *O* Your photos really capture the beauty of the ears and tails <3
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

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