December 22, 2015

Shiocraft ♥ Decoden Phone Case ♥ Review

Hey little dolls ♥
Today I have an extremely awesome review for you, a fresh new decoden phone case from the Storenvy store Shiocraft!
And really, I can just recommend to check them out because this is just the greatest case I've ever had.

About Shiocraft

As mentioned before, Shiocraft is a little Storenvy store, which sells custom decoden phone cases and keychains. You can basically have every design you want - just contact the store through Instagram or Kik (@shiocraft) and tell them how you want your case to look like. You can choose colour schemes, special decoden elements like sweets, gems or little figurines  (like the Little Twin Stars!) and even where you want them to be.

That's how mine turned out:

Sweet little candies as gifts, a cute letter and a precious satin bag included. Mew is happy <3

 And for my birthday I got this cute Circle Lens decoden case with a glittery baby pink bat and Hello Kitty - as well as the bell moon phone charm. So. Cute.

Review and Rating

I aaaabsolutely love this case! The colour scheme is perfect - baby pink, white and some yellow hints with the stars - and the quality is good. Two pearls fell off immediately, but to be completely honest if there wouldn't be any piece missing, I'd have thought she used some magic or something - these pieces ALWAYS fall off. So I don't really mind at all. The openings from the phone (headphones, speakers, camera, charging 'hole' etc) aren't blocked and no device is disabled or anything. Moreover, it already stand a falling test - of course I let my phone fall on the first day I received it, but the case didn't have any damage or fell off. The case was still tight on the phone, whey! (And the fall was more than 1 meter from the ground on wood floor... yes I know, dumb me). Just one decoden fell off of the phone charm, a little Rilakkuma Lollipop face.. :c But it wasn't poorly attached, the whole phone just fell on it so every charm would have fallen off that. Clumsy me! And fortunately the charm still looks super adorable with the stars of the Little Twin Stars colour scheme.

What really surprised me, is that the whip cream is kinda squishy. I always thought this is rock hard, but it has kind of a soft touch and I really like that. Dust sticks on it more easily so you have to clean it (let's see how I'll clean it, I have not really an idea until now) but I think it's still better than having a solid uncomfortable case. So thumbs up!

Now to the prices: The decoden whipcream custom case costs from 20$ - 25$, depending on your phone model. This price is to be honest AMAZING. A lot of similar custom cases cost a lot more, so that's just plain 10/10 ♡! The custom resin heart was 1.50$, the phone charm isn't avaiable yet but will cost around 5$. The rhinestone/pearls on the sides of the phone was only 2$ extra. The decoden Circle Lens case was a gift of them for my birthday, so I don't know how much it would be, but I'm sure if you ask them you'll get a quick response. Oh, btw you can pay with Paypal - all save and quick. :>

Customer service: Pure 10/10, they were so nice and always super friendly to me. I definitely had a positive experience and look forward to work with them again if I want to have a phone case with another colour scheme. Don't be afraid to ask them! This way you can always get what you want, whether it's a certain colour of the whip cream, some decoden pieces or anything. You can even send them a picture and they turn it into a decoden charm. So. Cool. 

 Negative: I think this is for every decoden whip case, not this one in particular: You can't put it in your jeans pockets since the phone case is really thick. Since I don't really wear pants or something with tiny pockets anyways, it's no problem for me, but if you're someone who tends to sit on their phone - nope, not with this case! I just carry it around me in my backpack or put it in big pockets of my cozy cardigans that I wear this winter anyways. 

Buuuuut this case is definitely a highlight. Everyone just looks at it and just says: "Woooow, this is so cute. Looks like a cake, can I eat it? It's so sugary sweet!" And yes my little peeps, I know, this is just the cutest. *feels really cool*

Use my discount code "sugarmew" to get 10% off!

I just love this case too much, I'm so happy with it. Especially for this amazing price, it's just fabulous. What do you think of the case? Is it something you want to carry around every day? (Me: "yes! yes! definitely!") You know, if you have questions, leave a comment down below or feel free to visit my other social media (-> Instagram is always open c:)

Have a lovely day & week & a wonderful christmas! 

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Disclaimer: I bought this case from my own money, though I work together with Shiocraft. All the opinions are my own.