November 6, 2015

♥ Instagram Giveaway ♥

Hey cutiepatooties!

I don't want to talk long and extended around the topic, so let's get straight into it!
As some of you may already know I'm the most active on Instagram, and I wanted to thank everyone for spending their time with me there. To celebrate the nearly 4k cuties that follow me on my journey, me and an Instagram friend of mine put together and ULTRA cute giveaway. c:
And you can win all of this stuff:

It's so light and pastel and full of cuteness overload. I wish I could win it myself.. >3< Anyways, as it is an Instagram giveaway, you naturally have to have an Instagram account to participate! And all you have to do is following those rules:


1. Follow my account @sugar.mew  and my friends account @ichigomist
2. Repost the giveaway picture on your account
3. Tag both of us in the picture and in the text
4. Tag it with the hashtag #ichigomews

... and wait for November 14th to come!

And to mention extra: 
One winner will be chosen by random and informed via DM
Open international, shipping is paid by us as well! c:
Max. 2 entries per person!
No giveaway/spam or private accounts, otherwise we can't find your entry/ies ;^;

And that's everything you will win:

3 Lace Chokers, handmade by ichigomist
Original Artwork by me, copic ciao on paper
Little Twin Stars Cherry Choker, handmade by ichigomist as well
Alpacasso Key Chain
Popin Cookin Candy Kit Cream Cake
Lotte Koalas March
Meiji Yan Yan Strawberry Sticks
Heart Shaped Strawberry Pocky
Original Strawberry Pocky
Rilakkuma Pouch
Rilakkuma Notebook
Rilakkuma Birthday Cake Miniature
Korilakkuma Towel
Korilakkuma Eraser
2x Squishies
Heart Shaped Cookies Bracelet
Milk Plush Key Chain

So, I wish you all lots of luck and fun participating & hoping c:
I hope I'll upload my next review soon, I already have an idea of what's going to be my next blog entry... But you know, university stuff around, I need my time xD

Have some fabulous days ♥


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