October 1, 2015

Heart angel wing pin ♥ Misamys Review ♥

Hey sugarbuns! 

Today I have this awesome review for the Storenvy shop Misamys for you! It's more picture based than the last reviews I posted, but I think pictures tell more than words in this case.
And at least finally - I haven't written a post forever since my university started. But it's kinda fun there, so I got that going for me, which is nice :D

But now back again to Misamys!

Misamys is a Storenvy shop (Storenvy is a platform like eBay where little sellers have a platform to sell their goods, I love it!) located in Sweden. However, it is international and it didn't take too long to arrive here in Germany, I don't think it was more than three weeks. Oh, and the shop accepts custom orders as well! I always love when they offer services like that ♥

So here are the pictures I've taken for you:

So as you can see I purchased three pins - one with black wings, one pink fuzzy one and a white lacey one - as well as a beautiful hairpin. 


Quality: The Quality of all of them is amazing. You can clearly see that they're all made with a lot of love! 

Design: The design is so precious. Because they are subtle in colours - white, light pink / black and white - you can wear them with different styles. They definitely make your outfit cuter! And the design itself is beautiful, the details are just amazing.

Overall: I can give it a plain 10/10 points, because I absolutely have no negative points and I'm just deeply in love with them. I already wore them in public and I always got some nice compliments on how cute they are. So, if you want some precious pins and want to add some sweet accessoires to your daily outfits, they're perfect for you!


Sooo lovelys, I really hope you liked this review!
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Leave me a comment for any question or thoughts! Love y'all ♥

- Sugarmew ♥ 


  1. This is sooooooooo cute! It looks adorable on that sweater ♥

  2. Awww die sehen alle richtig toll aus !!! *O* <3
    Weißt du wie lange die Sachen gebraucht haben um anzukommen ? .o.
    Und kostet das shipping viel ? •o•
    Ich hätte dich auch gerne mal mit der Haarspange gesehen,
    Ich kann mir iwie nicht so viel darunter vorstellen wie die in den Haaren aussehen soll ;3;
    Aber echt, super review ! *^* <33
    (Btw ich kann jetzt auch auf dem handy deinen Blog so schön sehen wie er aufm lappi ist *O* yaayy <333 xD )

    1. Ciiiirca 3 Wochen glaub ich, allerdings weiß ichs nich genau weil ich in Österreich war als die ankamen ;A; Und ne, kostet nich viel! *^* Also keine 10€ soweit ichs in Erinnerung hab xD Ja, wollt auch gern so ein Foto machen aber habs nich hinbekommen mich selbst von hinten zu fotografieren XD Yay, dankeschööön *q* ♥♥♥

  3. Those are so cute~! They look adorable on that sweater and now I really want some <33


    1. Thank you! Yep, they're so precious, I love them *^*

  4. Those pins are super adorable! (and it's cool that they're from Sweden! xD)
    They are bigger than I thought and that's awesome! The pins look so precious... ~

    ☆ Shiro Samurai's Cosplay & Circle Lens Blog ☆
    ☆ Facebook Cosplay Page ☆
    ☆ Ink & Sword Lifestyle Blog ☆

    1. Yeah right? XD Sweden is a beautiful country ♥ I love the pins so much as well ;;^;; ♥♥

  5. You are so pretty and those pins are so CUTE!

  6. Nice post


  7. These are so adorable, I love the little heart charm in the middle! They look so cute on your sweater! ^^ xx

    elizabeth | ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | bloglovin follow for follow

    1. Yes, they definitely are! I love them so much ;^; ♥

  8. great post
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC / facebook?
    let me know and I follow back!

  9. Oh very cute accesories darling
    Now I´m following you in GFC #21
    I hope your following me back


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