September 8, 2015

Uniqso Review ♥ EOS Super Nudy Blue & Grey ♥ Circle Lenses on Light Blue Eyes

Hello Lovelies!

Today I wanted to review my everyday Circles Lenses from EOS. To admit, I wear Circle Lenses for a couple of years now and this is the second time I bought the Super Nudy Blue ones - unfortunately they died after a year ofc T-T - but this time I wanted to give not only the blue ones, but the grey ones a try as well! What I love so much about them is the size and that they blend so nicely into my natural eyes--- but whatever I should start from the beginning! Oh, and I'd recommend to read it until the end, because I have awesome news!

About Uniqso

Uniqso has a reeeally huge range of circle lenses, wigs and lashes. They are founded in Malaysia and guide their shop since 2011. With over 800 different lenses from different brands like Kimchi, EOS, I.Fairy or Beuberry they are a big company with a lot of featured bloggers. I think they have got really cheap prices and I heard that their wigs have a good quality as well. Moreover, their packaging is adorable, which is perfect for me since I love cute packagings so much. It shows that they care about their customers *////*

What are Circle Lenses?

If you don't know what Circle Lenses are: Circle Lenses are like usual contact lenses, just that their diameter is larger than the regular ones. Soft contact lenses are around 13,8 mm in diameter - Circle Lenses (which are btw always soft so they can contain more water) are often 14 mm, 15 mm or more. This makes your eyes look bigger and dollier. You can also play around with different designs and colours, so you have a great variety for makeup looks or cosplay characters. I personally wear them to enlarge my eyes because I think it looks cuter with the bold makeup I wear daily. Furthermore, they often have prescription, so if you're just as blind as me, you don't have to wear glasses, and they last about a year. 

EOS Super Nudy Blue                         EOS Super Nudy Grey

And there are some other colours as well! Top right corner is pink ♥

Photo credit goes to Uniqso

And now my photos!

Review and Rating

Comparison: So as you can see here there is barely a difference between the blue and grey ones on my blue greenish eyes. In real life you can spot the differences a biiiit better. It gives a tiny other feeling when I wear the grey ones to darker outfits or when my mood isn't really good xD When I wear the blue ones, I feel more dolly, so apparently I choose them to cute, light outfits. Probably no one notices that but it gives me another feeling, and thats the main point. It could probably be more noticeable on darker eyes, but since my eyes are pretty light the difference is more difficult to spot. However, some of my lovely Instagram followers asked which lenses I wear in the picture and I often can't even say it :'D

Naturalness:  They are not natural at all, but these lenses aren't supposed to be anyways! The black bold outer ring is just perfect the way it is - and the dark spots in the center help to blend better into my eyes. They are so dolly and huge and I love it soo much. I wear them daily to school, because.. I feel like it gives a boring appearence a little pop.

Comfort: They are comfortable, yeeaaas! I've never had any problems with them, and I usually wear them from 8 a.m to 3 p.m. If I go out after school there also isn't any problem with them, it doesn't matter how long I go out. But a sure thing is, I put them out as fast as I can when I'm home, because I want that my eyes rest a bit. Oh and like everytime, I don't recommend wearing lenses while on the computer. Probably I'm the only one who has aaaalways problems with that - with any lenses - but the concentration lets your eyes dry a bit, which isn't a good combination with wearing contacts. But however, these lenses are really comfortable! (I wandered from the subject huh.. xD)

Colour: Yep yep I love both, even if it's not much of a difference like I said c:

Price:  17.90$ per pair is a great deal! The cheap me is really happy <3

Shipping: Their shipping was incredibly fast! Like... INCREDIBLY! I used Express shipping because I really REALLY wanted them (and my old lenses were destroyed and I hate going to school with glasses). They sent them two days after ordering and they arrived at Germany within 3 days!

Uniqso: And what I have to mention, I, le silly, changed the order from usual to fast shipping because I noticed that my other lenses were a year old and I urgently needed new ones. A day later, Uniqso  chatted with me via mail barely in real-time and changed it really fast, sending them the next day. They were really nice, so if you have concerns about anything, don't be shy to e-mail them. I can really recommend the customer service, so nice ^-^

Awesomeness: All in all, I love these lenses. I have no more words. Myyy favouriiittteeesss *screech*

 / out of 5 hearts!


Little pouty kitten mouth ~ xD

Can you spot where I wore the blue or grey ones? c:

And now the super rad news:
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Sooo thanks for reading or looking at the pictures, I hope you enjoyed the EOS Super Nudy Circle Lenses review as much as I did! I enjoyed the review and it was lots of fun :D I'm looking forward to do more! If you wanna chat or have a question leave it down below, I won't bite ^-^ 

- sugarmew ♥

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p.s.: yesh I know I took the photos some time ago, that's why I'm still brunette there xD
Oh and btw I'm not sponsored by Uniqso, so I bought the lenses from my own money. I'm just a tiny affiliate c:

September 3, 2015

How to do super large doll eyes ♥ makeup tutorial

Hey my little dollies!

As the title says, I created a collage to show you cuties how I do my super large doll eyes. Many of you already asked how I do my makeup - so I thought a tutorial would be fine! I originally wanted to do the tutorial as a video and film it for youtube, but I don't have the stuff I need to film videos yet... so bare with the collage! 
The makeup is quite simple if you know how to apply false lashes or apply eyeliner. I wouldn't consider it a beginner makeup, but neither a pro tutorial as well. Oh, and I'm not a makeup expert or anything, I just do stuff and see if it looks good in my opinion. (Except for the eyebrows, I just have no clue how to do them ;3;) All my makeup products are from drugstores because I'm actually a cheap girl (aren't we all somewhere? xD) and I barely ever spend a lot of money on makeup.

So let's get started!

What I used:

- Simple matte brown eyeshadow in a light, a medium and a dark shade
- Black eyeliner
- Eyelash curler
- False eyelashes from eBay, both top and bottom lashes
- Highlighter pen
- Pink lipstick
- Pink lipliner
- Circle Lenses: EOS Super Nudy Blue (review incoming soon!)

1. Start with a clean eye. Put on your circle lenses first, so if you tear a little bit like me, your makeup won't be ruined. Then, I apply concealer and set it with powder underneath my eye. 

2. Apply a medium brown eyeshadow all over your lid (you don't see it well in the pictures, but it's there to help blending!). Then take a darker shade of brown, put in in your crease and bleeeend it. Blending is really important, though I sometimes don't blend enough as well *sigh*. For the last step, put the lightest shade directly underneath your eyebrows. It'll make them look more clean and will brighten your face a bit.

The lightest shade (to highlight the eyebrows) is the one on the left, the medium shade is the second from the left and the dark one that I use on the crease, I use the one on the very right!

3. Apply eyeliner directly above your natural lashline. Start on the very inner corner of your eye. You can go as thin or thick as you prefer - if you have a hooded eye like I have on my right, don't apply it too thick! (And yes, I just have one hooded eye - naturally I didn't take it for the pictures though :D)

4. Imagine your lashline would be extended and elongate your eyeliner for ~ 3 mm. It gives this huge doll looking effect.

5. Tip: to see where you should end the elongated eyeliner, squinch your eyes like you'd laugh and you'll see that you have natural eyebags - don't go below them.

6. (Optional) Curl your lashes if you have straight ones like me.

7. Apply two coats of mascara. If they get a bit chunky like mine did in the picture, it doesn't really matter because the false lashes will cover that anyways.

8. Take your falsies, try them on and cut them if they're too long. Tip: Always cut from the end with the longer lashes! If you cut the short ones away, there'll be an unlovely "cut" between your real lashes and the false ones. The tiny lashes help to blend - so never cut them away.

9. Apply a thin coat of eyelash glue on the false eyelashes band. Wait a few seconds so it can dry and put them as close as possible to your lashline. Remember you elongated the lashline - so let the falsies not end where your natural eye would end, but where the elongated eyeliner ends.

10. Take the darkest shade of your eyeshadow again and apply it on the outer 1/3 under your eye. Take a highlighter pen or a really light, shimmery eyeshadow and highlight the inner 1/3. 

11. Cut your bottom lashes in little pieces, so you can apply them easier. Take your tweezers, hold the bottom false lashes with them and a apply a thin coat of eyelash glue on the lashband. Wait a few seconds again and place the falsies carefully directly under your natural lower lashline. Make sure to connect the bottom falsies to your top falsies though, so there won't be a lash-free gap. Tip: Place the lower falsies under your real bottom lashes. I really don't know how other makeup dolls are doing this, but it's what works best for me. And try to avoid sticking the glue on your real lashes - it'll hurt really much if you want to remove the falsies.

12. Repeat until you don't want more lower false eyelashes. Since mine are quite chunky, but also really dolly looking, 2 pieces with 2 chunks of falsies are enough for me. 

13. Close your eyes and go over your false lash-band with your eyeliner again, because really often it looks uneven.  If you want an even more dramatic look, draw on some lashes with your eyeliner. I often get really messy with it and just draw on 3 or 4 more thick lashes, but in my opinion it gives a whole another effect to your look. 

14. (Optional:) Line your lips with lipliner - I overdraw my lips quite often because they're thin, but you don't have to do this of course - and throw on some lipstick.

Optional and not shown in the pictures:  
1. If you have a dark or reddish inner rim of your eyes, take a white eye pencil and highlight the lower rim.
  2. If you have a great black eye pencil which doesn't smear, apply it on the upper rim of your eyes. I haven't found one which stays on it's place all day, so if I don't want to ruin my makeup within one hours, I don't apply it. But it gives an even larger eye effect!

*applause* FINISHED *applause*

(Had kind of an bad selfie day that day. Bare with me, I'm sorrü ♥♥♥)

So as you can see, it takes some steps until you finish your super large doll eyes look, but it's sooo worth it. I like to do this makeup whenever I feel fancy and have the time for it. Usually I dawdle around so I need extra much time for my makeup (I watch Youtube videos, eat something or watch League of Legends...) - that's why I can't really say how much time a usual person needs for this look xD But it's one of my favourite looks. 
Your eyes look sooo huge and like a doll ♥

So, what do you think about this look?
If you ever try it on yourself, I'd be super happy if you'd tag me in Instagram on it! Just tag @sugar.mew and I'll have a look c: 

It was kinda hard to describe everything, but I hope you all understood it
And if you have any questions, simply leave them down below, I'll answer them as soon as I can ^-^
But as always, it was a lot of fun for me!

Have a lovely time ♥

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