August 23, 2015

Black Angel Wings Backpack ♥ Syndrome ♥ Review

Hello Lovelies!

So I bought this awesome black angel winged backpack from the Storenvy store Syndrome and wanted to review it for you cuties!

Syndrome is a super cool shop based in China, with a really huge range of clothing, shoes and accessories. I could literally buy 100 things from them. It's more on the expensive side of prices, but still acceptable for my wallet.

The black backpack has 3 pockets on the outside and 3 on the inside, one of them has a zipper to store your smartphone or other important stuff safely. Unfortunately the wings are a bit bent because of the shipping, so I just bend them from time to time to the opposite direction, and it's not so bad anymore. 
A big plus is, that the clasps are very easy to open and close, because they are magnetic. The shoulder straps are adjustable, so you can have them as long or short as you want.
Unfortunately the backpack isn't suitable for school, a college block doesn't really fit if you want to close your backpack to show your pretty wings. But I've already used it to go shopping, and it was perfect ಥ⌣ಥ I don't like shopping with big bags because they always fall from my shoulder or in my sight when I have tons of clothes on my arm, or even worse, when I drop these clothes and have to bend down ( ;´Д`)
So a backpack is perfectly fine to go shopping ∩(︶▽︶)∩

Review and Rating

Shipping:/5 hearts
The shipping was about 5 weeks long, which is not good, not bad, it's okay. This backpack probably requires a bit bigger packaging, so the wings don't bend, so I give them "just" 3 hearts.

Quality:/5 hearts
The quality is reeeeeally good. I didn't see a stitch which wasn't on its place, so I'm really happy.

Price: /5 hearts
55$ is pricey, and I'm sure you get the same backpack for less money, but as I said, the quality is very good here!

Awesomeness:/5 hearts
It suits more a cool and/or Harajuku style, so it doesn't fit the cute girly style, but I don't mind because I simply love both. Also I love the design of the backpack. What is better than having angel wings on your back?

For the ones who can rush 55$ for a backpack right now, yes! At this time I'm even considering buying something else from Syndrome, because they have got so many beautiful things - probably I gonna go more sweet then.

*looking highly significant in the distance*

So thanks for stopping by and reading / looking at my review. How do you like the black winged backpack? Like everytime, if you want to ask me somewhat or just talk about something, leave a comment or check out my social media! 

Sugarmew ♥

My Instagram: @sugar.mew @sugarmew

p.s. I'm not sponsored by Syndrome though I am an affiliate. All opinions are mine c:


  1. I found your blog only today but I think I´m in love with your blog!
    And I really like your sugarmew logo it is sooo cute ♥

    1. Oh my, thank you so so much! It makes me really happy that you like it so much >3<
      xxx ♥♥

  2. Great review~

    New post
    If you follow my blog, I follow your blog too, write about it~

    1. Followed! ♥ And thank you so much ^////^

  3. Great review *u* I love the pictures you too~ the bag's design is so cool. I love it! Thank you for sharing this!
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

    1. Thank you so much cutie! ^////^ Yeah I love it too, the design is perfect for cool styles!

      xxx ♥

  4. great post ! :) have a wonderful day!!

    1. Thank you so much! ^-^ have a wonderful day as well c: ♥

  5. - sorry i made a mistake at the previous comment ;;3;; -
    i think the backpack is extremly adorable, but it's too pricey for me atm >3< anyways, great & honest review twin ! *^*
    (btw i absolutley love the pictures *O* <33)

    1. How dare you to make a mistaaaaake ~(ò,....,ó)~ (jokes xD)
      Yeah it is pricey indeed ;;3;; but thank you so much twinni! *^* ♥♥

  6. Your blog is adorable. Your backpack is adorable. You are stinkin' adorable! You've got a new follower <3
    She Will Be

    1. And you got a new one as well c: Thank you so much for your kind words darling! It means a lot to me ^///^

      Have a nice day ♥

  7. Great review! I love the way this bag looks but I'm not one to spend 55$ on a bag, I'm hoping it goes on sale someday ~

    1. Yeah I know, it's really expensive ;;^;; 55$ is really on the edge of what I'd spend for a bag, but in the end it was worth it at least v.v

      Have a lovely day ♥

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